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Globe Lesson 9 - The Revolutionary War - Grade 4-5

Skills used Latitude & Longitude
  Using scale to measure distance
  Critical thinking
  Determining travel time
Vocabulary Continental, Patriots
Materials Needed Globe in Horizon Ring Mounting



As a result of the Revolutionary War the American colonies won their independence from England. Though a globe is a small scale map and therefore cannot show precise locations and details of specific battles, it can provide a better overall view of conflicts that were waged over large areas and involved many nations.


On your globe, outline of the area that included the original 13 colonies. Use a map from your social studies textbook if you need help in determining the correct area. Include in this area the southern part of Canada in which the cities of Montreal and Quebec are found. If you drew your outline correctly it should include the area where were most of the conflicts in the Revolutionary War took place.


Next, circle England at 55N/2W. Remember that England is now but one of the divisions of a modern country called the United Kingdom. Find London, England and use the globe's mounting ring to measure the distance from London to New York City.
How far is it? (1.) __________________________________


Why would the long distance between London and the colonies be a military advantage for the Continental Army and the Patriots fighting in America? (2.) ________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


If a British ship loaded with soldiers and supplies had been able to average 70 miles of progress a day along the great circle route from London to New York, how many days would it have taken the ship to reach its destination? (3.) _______________. Such a voyage would have been considered fast for the time, but if you were a tired and weary British soldier surrounded by the enemy, it would not have been fast enough.

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