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Globe Lesson 8 - Locating Places - Grade 6+

Your street name and house number furnish your absolute location.  Latitude and longitude provide absolute location for a place on the globe.  We can locate places on the globe by determining where lines on latitude and longitude cross.

For instance, New Orleans, Louisiana is approximately 30N (latitude) and 90W (longitude).  Mark X on New Orleans on your globe.

Absolute Location

In the following activity, match the cities with the correct latitude and longitude.

1. San Francisco, California _____ 35S, 56W

2. Perth, Australia

_____ 7N, 80E

3. Moscow, Russia

_____ 56N, 38E

4. Colombo, Sri Lanka

_____ 32S, 116E

5. Montevideo, Uruguay

_____ 38N, 122W

Find and mark the following locations on your globe.  Write the item number where you find these latitudes and longitudes on the globe.  All These Locations are capitals of nations.
Item # Latitude Longitude Location Name
6. 42N 13E ____________________
7. 59N 18E ____________________
8. 16S 48W ____________________
9. 39N 77W ____________________
10. 40N 116E ____________________
11. 34S 18E ____________________
12. 29N 77E ____________________
13. 19N 99W ____________________

Lesson 8 - Locating Places (continued)

Have the students write a sentence describing the absolute location of a place.
For example, "Rome, Italy" is located forty-two degrees north of the Equator and thirteen degrees east of the Prime Meridian.  Key descriptive phrases are provided after each question.

14. Stockholm, Sweden - 59N, 18E


15. Brasilia, Brazil - 16S, 48W


16. Washington, D.C. - 39N, 77W


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