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Globe Lesson 6 - Longitude - Grade 6+

The starting point for longitude is the Prime Meridian.  This line is longitude zero (0). Longitude measures east and west from this line. Longitude is measured in degrees.  There are 180 of longitude east and 180 of longitude west.  Mark the Prime Meridian with a 0.  Turn the globe halfway around.  Find the 180th meridian.  Halfway around a globe is 180  Label this 180.

Between the Prime Meridian and the International Date Line, there are 180 of west longitude and 180 of east longitude.  The globe shows a line of longitude every 15.  The numbers identifying these lines appear on the equator.

Using Longitude

The directions west and east are shown with letter symbols.  W stands for west longitude.  E stands for east longitude.  Use your globe to help you answer these questions.

Find the number 0 where the Prime Meridian and the Equator meet.  Draw an arrow left (west) to 15W.  Draw another arrow east (left) to 15E.

1. The symbol 75W is located in what continent? _____________________________

2. The symbol 75E is located in what ocean? _____________________________

3. Longitude line 75W passes through which of these places?

  ____Caribbean Sea   ____South America   ____Canada

4. Longitude line 150E passes through which of these places?
  ____Indian Ocean   ____Australia   ____Greenland

5. Which of these are located between 60E and 165E?
  ____Indonesia   ____India   ____Saudi Arabia


Lesson 6 - Longitude (continued)

The globe does not show every line of longitude.  There are 360 where a line of longitude could be shown.  If we drew every possible line of longitude, the globe would be covered with lines and nothing else.  We show only 24 lines of longitude.

If you wish to find other degrees, you must estimate the lines between the printed ones.  For instance, if you wish to find 37W, you must look about halfway between 30W and 45W.  Make a mark where you think these places are located along the equator: 38E, 100W, 65E, 20E.

Use the meridian numbers along the Equator to match the following cities to the correct longitudes.
Follow the printed meridian lines north and south on the globe.


6. Miami, Florida _____ 140E
7. London, United Kingdom _____ 0
8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil _____ 80W
9. Tokyo, Japan _____ 43W

Use the following clues and longitudes to locate these cities.  Mark each city with the number of the corresponding question on the globe.


10. 73E - On the Arabian Sea, on a large peninsula that is sometimes called a subcontinent.


158W - An island city that is a state capital. ______________________________


175E - The capital of an island nation, on the south end of the north island.


31E - A nation capital located near the mouth of a river the empties into the Mediterranean
  Sea. ______________________________

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