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Globe Lesson 7 - Parallels and Meridians - Grade 6+

Parallels Are Lines of Latitude

Parallels are another name for lines of latitude.  You will see that these lines do not converge, or come together, anywhere on the globe.  We call these parallels because they are always an equal distance apart.  The first parallel is the equator.  It is latitude 0.  Latitude measures distance north and south from the Equator.  Parallels are lines that circle the globe.

Name five parallels that have names on your globe.  Four are designated with broken lines, one divides the globe in half.


1. _____________________ 2. _____________________ 3. _____________________
4. _____________________ 5. _____________________  

Meridians Are Lines of Longitude

Meridians are another name for lines of longitude.  These lines are drawn on maps and globes so that people can locate places.  Meridians are lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole. Meridians are not parallel.  They converge or come together at the Poles.  They number from the Prime Meridian (line 0) to 180W and from the Prime Meridian to 180E.

6. There are 360 around the Earth.  The lines on your globe are shown every 15.  How many meridians are shown on the globe? (24)

7. Find the following meridians on your globe: 15W, 0, 15E, 30E, 45E.  Through which two continents do all of these meridians pass?


a. _____________________ b. _____________________

8. With your marker, trace over the meridian 105W in the area of the United States.  Through which five states does this line pass?


a. _____________________ b. _____________________ c. _____________________

d. _____________________

e. _____________________


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