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Geographic Terms - Grade K-3

bay part of a larger body of water that look like a gulf, but is usually smaller
change to make something different
city a place where many people live and work
city population symbol shows where the city is located and about how many people live there
coastline where the water touches the land
community larger than a neighborhood, it takes a number of neighborhoods to make up a community
compass rose a direction finder drawn on maps
continent the largest land areas. The seven continents are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America
country an area of land where people live under one government. The United States is a country.
country boundary symbol a line drawn on a map that shows where the territory of one country begins and another ends
country capital a special city in each country where the government leaders meet to do their work
desert a region with very little rainfall
east to the right of a person standing on the Earth facing the North Pole
Equator a line drawn on maps and globes that is halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole
forest a growth of trees covering a large area
globe a model of the Earth
gulf a part of a larger body of water, usually an ocean or a sea. A gulf makes an indentation in the coastline.
hill a piece of land that is higher than the land around it, but not as high as a mountain
intermediate directions those direction found halfway between the mail directions of north, south, east, and west
island a body of land completely surrounded by water
job the type of work a person does
lake a body of water completely surrounded by land
land elevation the height of the land above the surface of the ocean
main directions north, south, east, and west
map a drawing of someplace on the Earth
map grid system a series of crossing lines used to find places on maps
map legend the place on the map that explains the meaning of the symbols
map scale used to measure distance between places on a map
mountain a piece of land that rises high above the land around it
natural feature something not made by people. Examples would be trees, mountains, and rivers.
natural resource the land and water features of the Earth that are used to meet a need
need something people must have
neighborhood a place where people live close to one another
north toward the North Pole
northeast halfway between north and east
North Pole the place on the Earth that is the farthest north
northwest halfway between north and west
ocean the largest water areas. The four oceans are the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific
peninsula a piece of land with water on three sides
people made features something that is made by peoples. Examples would be cars, buildings, and streets
physical map a map that shows land elevations
plain an almost level area of land
plateau a flat piece of land with a high land elevation
political map a map that shows political division, such as states of the Unites States or countries of the world
pollution when your surroundings are unsafe and dirty
resource something people use to meet a need
river a large stream of water that flows through the land
river mouth a place where a river empties into another body of water
river source the place where a river begins
rural describes a place where few people live and work
sea a large body of salt water, smaller than an ocean
south toward the South Pole, opposite north
southeast halfway between the south and east
South Pole the place on the earth that is farthest south
southwest halfway between south and west
state an area of land that is part of our country. There are fifty states in the United States
state boundary symbol a line drawn on a map showing where the territory of one state begins and another ends
state capital a city in each state where leaders meet who work for the government
suburb a neighborhood away from the downtown area
symbol a drawing, line or dot that stands for something else
town a small community, smaller that a city
traffic the movement of cars, vans, buses, and trucks on streets and highways
transportation the movement of people or products from place to place
United States Map a map showing all fifty states
urban describes a downtown area of a city
valley a long, low place between hills or mountains
west to the left of a person standing on the Earth facing the North Pole
work the activity a person does for which they get paid
World map a map that shows the entire world

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