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Landscape Picture Map - Lesson 12 (K-3)

Objectives Students will be introduced to the concept of pollution
Vocabulary natural resource, pollution
Materials Needed Landscape Picture Map, map markers or post it notes



Write the word resource on the board. Review with the students the meaning of a resource. A resource is something people use to meet a need. The natural features of the Earth are land and water. Land and water are used as natural resources. Tell the students that one way we use natural resources is for recreation.


Pull down the Landscape Picture Map. Have the students locate the lake and the river. Ask the students to describe some of the ways they can have fun on lakes and rivers. (Examples might be swimming, boating and fishing.)


Ask the students if they would enjoy swimming more in a clean or dirty lake. How do lakes or rivers become dirty? List the student responses on the board.


After the discussion, tell the students that when people throw things into a lake or river they are causing pollution. Pollution is the act of making your surroundings unsafe or dirty. Write the word pollution on the board.


Ask the students: Who is responsible for keeping the lakes and rivers clean? Is it the police, fire department or each person?


Conclude the lesson by suggesting ways people may keep lakes and rivers clean and safe.

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