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Landscape Picture Map - Lesson 4 (K-3)

Where People Live - Neighborhoods
Objectives The students will learn the definition of the term neighborhood.

The students will identify a neighborhood on the Landscape Picture Map.

Vocabulary Neighborhood
Materials Needed Landscape Picture Map, map markers or post it notes



Ask the students to describe their neighborhood. A neighborhood is a place where people live close to one another. What types of activities take place in their neighborhood? What people-made and natural features can they describe? Ask the students how they know when they leave their own neighborhood. Emphasize that all neighborhoods have common characteristics. All neighborhoods have people, streets and buildings. Also, all neighborhoods are different. No two places are exactly alike.


Pull down the Landscape Picture Map. Have the students locate an example of a neighborhood on the picture. How is the Landscape Picture neighborhood similar to their own neighborhood? How is it different?


After the students have identified a neighborhood and analyzed it, ask the students to draw a line around the area they would consider to be a neighborhood. Have the students share their ideas. Do the other students agree with their boundary line? Why or why not? Have the students explain why certain things are included in their neighborhood, why other things are excluded. (There are no correct or incorrect answers. The purpose is to stimulate students' thoughts about their environment.)

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