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Landscape Picture Map - Lesson 5 (K-3)

Simple Route Map
Objectives Given a feature, the students will locate that feature on the Landscape Picture Map.

Students will determine the best route between different locations on the Landscape Picture Map

Vocabulary On the Landscape Picture Map, students will find examples of the following terms: post office, library, shopping mall, grocery store, gas station, park.
Materials Needed Landscape Picture Map, map markers or post it notes.



Pull down the Landscape Picture Map. Tell the students to imagine that they live in one of the houses shown in the suburban neighborhood. Let one student pick the home. Circle their home on the map. Tell the students that today they have a number of errands that must be done.


Have the students locate and circle the places where he/she would go to complete the tasks listed below. Then draw a line showing the best route between the home and the first location. Follow this procedure as the students complete the list of errands, moving from errand one to errand two to errand three, etc. Following is the suggested list of errands:


(1) Mail a letter
(2) Return a library book
(3) Buy a new pair of school shoes
(4) Purchase food for dinner
(5) Get gas for the car
(6) Play a baseball game
(7) Return home


Make sure the students complete the line connecting the two locations. Sometimes there will be more than one possible route. Let the students discuss the advantages or disadvantages of each route.


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