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Landscape Picture Map - Lesson 6 (K-3)

Types of Transportation
Objectives The students will identify different modes of transportation.

The students will describe the purpose of specialized vehicles.

Vocabulary transportation
Materials Needed Landscape Picture Map, map markers or post it notes.



Ask the students to describe how they came to school today. Did they walk? Did they arrive in a car, van or school bus? Tell the students that today they will discuss how people and products move from one place to another. The movement of people and products from place to place is called transportation.


Pull down the Landscape Picture Map. Tell the students there are many different types of cars and trucks. Passenger cars are the most common. There are also some very special cars and trucks. Some of these help people do very special jobs. An example would be emergency vehicles. An emergency vehicle helps people when there is an accident or fire. Have the students circle the ambulance, police car and fire truck. Ask the students to describe each of these emergency vehicles and discuss its purpose.


Ask the students to identify other types of cars and trucks shown in the Landscape Picture. Each time they do, have the students describe the purpose of that car or truck and circle it on their desk maps. Emphasize to the students that each vehicle has a special purpose.


All of the special cars, trucks and the people who drive them must work together for a community to survive.


All of the vehicles mentioned so far travel from place to place using highways, roads and streets. Not all people or things move on streets. Have the students locate the train. Ask the students to describe what kinds of things are moved on a train. How do trains move from place to place?


Finally, tell the students that not all modes of transportation move from place to place on the ground. People also use water and air transportation. Have the students locate the examples of water and air transportation shown on the Landscape Picture. Have them describe the purpose of each.


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