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Landscape Picture Map - Lesson 14 (K-3)

Locating Places
Objectives Given the map grid system location, the students will report what feature is found at that location.

Given the feature, the students will record the map grid system coordinates.

Materials Needed Landscape Picture, map marker, post it notes



Review with the students the meaning of the term map grid system. A map grid system is a series of lines that cross to form squares. We can use the map grid system to locate places on the Landscape Picture.


Review with the student that across the top and bottom of the Landscape Picture appears numbers. Between each number is a small line, called a hash mark. Draw a line from the hash mark between the numbers 1 and 2 at the top of the map and the corresponding hash mark at the bottom.


Review with the students that letters appear at the right and left edges of the Landscape Picture. Draw a line from the hash mark between the A and B at the left edge of the picture to intersect with the vertical line you had previously drawn. Ask the students to identify the features found in square A-1.


Have the students report what features would be found at the following squares.














The following features are shown in the Landscape Picture. Record the square in which each feature is located.


Water tower




Fire station




Parking garage



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