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World Map and Globe - Lesson 13  (K-3)

Island Countries


Objectives The students will learn the definition island.
  The students will locate island countries on the World Map.
Vocabulary island
Materials Needed World Political Map, globe, map marker



Write the term island on the board. Ask the students to describe an island. An island is a body of land completely surrounded by water. Ask the students if they have ever been on an island. Was it big or small? What kinds of things did they find on the island?


Tell the students islands can be almost any size. Some are very large while others are very small. Have a student circle some islands on the World Map while another student is doing the same on the globe.


Tell the students that there are islands that are countries. Some are very small countries with few people. Others are island countries with many people.


Locate Asia on the World Map and on the globe and find the following island countries. List the name of the country on the board. Have a student circle the island country on the map and another circle the same island country on the globe. After the country has been located, have the students write the name of the country's capital city on the board.


       Japan - Tokyo
       Taiwan - Taipei
       Philippines - Manila
       Indonesia - Jakarta
       Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur


If time allows, do the same procedure for the other continents.


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