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World Map and Globe - Lesson 15  (K-3)

Mountains of the World
Objectives Using the World Physical Map, the students will locate one major mountain range on each continent. (except Antarctica)
Vocabulary mountain, physical map
Materials Needed World Physical Map and the following seven post-it-notes:
  Rocky Mountains
  Andes Mountains
  Alps Mountains
  Ural Mountains
  Atlas Mountains
  Himalayas Mountains
  Great Dividing Mountains



Pull down the World Physical Map. Review with the students the meaning of the colors used on the physical map. Also ask the students that today they will learn about mountains around the world.


There are many different mountains ranges located throughout the world. These mountain ranges have a name to identify them just as cities are named. Tell the students they will learn the location and name of one mountain range on each continent except Antarctica.


Circle North America on the map. Have the students suggest where the largest mountain range in North American is located. Tell the students the name of the mountain range is the Rocky Mountains. Use the Rocky Mountains post-it-note and place it over the location of the Rocky Mountains on the map.


Follow the same procedure for the rest of the continents. Identify the continent. Suggest where mountains may be located. Apply the sticker. The mountain ranges and the correct continent are as follows:


       Rocky Mountains - Western North America
       Andes Mountains - Western South America
       Alps Mountains - Central Europe
       Ural Mountains - Divides Europe and Asia
       Atlas Mountains - Northern Africa
       Himalayas Mountains - South Central Asia
       Great Dividing Mountains - Eastern Australia


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