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World Map and Globe - Lesson 8  (K-3)

Country Capitals
Objectives The students will learn the definition of country capital.
  The students will learn the symbol used to identify a country capital on a World Map.
  The students will locate Washington D.C. on a World Map.
Vocabulary country capital
Materials Needed World Political map, map marker, post-it-note that reads
  "___________is the capital city of _________________"



Review the definitions of the word country. A country is an area of land where people live under one government. Tell the students that each has a special city where government leaders meet to do their work. This city is the country capital. Discuss some of the important leadership positions in our government.


Pull down the World Political Map. Locate the map legend and circle the symbol used to identify a country capital. (The name of the city is underlined.) The example cited in the legend is Brasilia, Brazil. Have a student circle Brasilia on the World Map.


Ask the students if they know the capital city of the United States. Have one student locate and circle Washington D.C. Emphasize the symbol used to identify Washington D.C. as a country capital.


Tell the students each country in the world has a capital city. Today the students will find one capital city on all continents except Antarctica. Use the post-it-notes on the map near the location of the capital city.


Begin with North America and locate and label a capital city other than Washington D.C. Follow the same procedure for the other continents. (Locate and label a capital city other than Brasilia in South America.)

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