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Literature Based Lesson Plans for Maps and Globes - Lesson Eight

Depending on Others

Do you know how to make a dress or a pair of slacks from a piece of cloth? Could you make a pair of shoes from a piece of leather if you had to? Many times the people who do these particular jobs are forgotten or overlooked. Because it is so easy to take something from a shelf and not think about where it came from or how it was made, we need to remember that there are a lot of people whom we depend on to meet our many needs.

Shared Book Literature Source

A New Coat for Anna, Harriet Ziefert and Anita Lobel

Based on a true story, this picture book depicts post World War II struggles endured in meeting human needs. While the format is entertaining for children, it is informative as well.

Other Materials Needed

  • Landscape Picture Map
  • Map Markers
  • Post-it Notes

Suggested Lesson

As part of a pre-reading activity, ask the children to explore the title, A New Coat for Anna. Ask them to predict what they think the story might be about, based on what is found in the pictures on the front and back covers. Accept all responses, encouraging children to support their responses with details from the picture. For example, on the back cover, sheep are pictured. You might ask the children what significance the sheep might have in relation to the story. Using background knowledge can be helpful in setting the scene for the story about to be read.

In a shared book experience, read the story with the children to confirm or deny predictions. Have children discuss Anna's need for a winter coat and how she went about meeting that need. Ask the children to compare Anna's steps in getting a new coat to what they do to get a new coat. Discuss the difference between making something and buying it. Bring out such ideas as the time involved, the skills required, and the various people involved in securing a finished product.

Discuss with the children the fact that there are jobs that do not always involve making or producing things. There are some jobs that are for the service of others. For example, a fireman does a job whereby others depend on him to extinguish a fire. This type of job is very important in helping us to meet our needs. One difference between this kind of job and jobs people performed met in A New Coat For Anna is that this is a service job. Ask the children to brainstorm to see if they can think of other jobs where people depend on others to meet their needs through services.

Ask the children to refer to the Landscape Picture Map and mark with an "X" on all of the places where things are made or produced. Next, ask the children to mark with an "O" on all of the places where people would go to receive a service. Ask the children to draw some pictures on Post-it notes that match the "O". Have the children place their pictures in an appropriate place on the desk amp. For example, a picture of fruit might go on or near a grocery store that is marked with an "X." A picture of a taxicab driver might go near a taxicab that is marked with an "O." As children place each picture on the map, ask them to explain why they are placing it where they are and why it matches the "X" or "O".

Invite the children as a group to develop/write a big book story about another need that Anna might have. For example, Anna might need a ride to the doctor's office. Since this is a service job, the steps she would take might be quite different from those, which she took in getting a new coat. Encourage the children to refer to the Discovery Landscape Picture Map for ideas.

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