3 things to know about Peel & Stick Murals

3 things to know about Peel & Stick Murals

Feb 17th 2020

They’re really, really, really easy to put up.

We want everyone to have maps in their homes. But before you take the traditional route with the shoe box in the closet full of folded maps, allow us to recommend something a bit more glamorous and fully-guaranteed to start up an interesting conversation every time. A map mural.

But hold on. Do you do home repairs, carpentry, sheet rock, or plaster work? No? How about wall paper installs? Not that either? Then we don’t blame you for feeling more than a bit apprehensive about buying one of our giant murals and tackling it yourself. We were convinced that we couldn’t do it. Until we did.

First, let’s get the technical details out of the way. What are map murals?

We are printers. We print paper maps that can be laminated, mounted on spring rollers, framed, or prepared for mural installations. We have five printers that are each the size of a couch. They use pigment inks which are designed specifically for fade-resistance and long life.

We can print on special papers that are more like woven fabric than traditional paper. This kind of paper has a backing that easily peels off, revealing a tacky adhesive that does not stick permanently and allows the map to be re-positioned many times without leaving any marks, folds, or tearing.

Once you find an empty, non-textured wall that you think would be a great place for a map mural, choosing the right map from our online collection and taking some measurements is all you need to do. We’ll take your measurements and divide the map into panels that we print separately. We then package them up and ship them off to you with simple directions. A level, a pencil, and a little time is all you need.

And take it from us. You can do it.

Here is a video we made recently to show you how.

And a link to our mural page on our website.