A Look At Some Of Our World Maps For Sale

Feb 17th 2020

It might seem to you like maps are effectively reserved for the stuffy corners of offices or the exclusive confines of the conference and board rooms where important strategic decisions are concluded. The reality is that this preconception couldn’t be farther from the truth, and we at World Maps Online are here to show you just how many uses you can have for our world maps for sale. Whether for geopolitical or historical reference, for use as art or to set the mood in a room, our world maps for sale are ideal for quite a range of settings and uses. Here are some selections of our maps and situations in which they would really be valuable.

National Geographic World Explorer Wall Map

This is an attractive world wall map that just happens to be one of our finest quality world map posters in a Winkel-Tripel Projection to mitigate some of the problems other projections have with polar distortion.

This map is entirely replete with valuable information. Countries are handsomely demarcated with subdued contrasting colors and the map offers thousands of labels for places, cities, and landforms, which are shaded for relief, as is the ocean bathymetry. As this is a map brought to you by National Geographic, it is one of the most authoritative and meticulous maps of the world available in such a succinct format.

Light Ocean World Physical Wall Map By Compart Maps

This Mercator projection is an excellent option for a map for reference if your reference is primarily focused on natural features. This high-quality map of the world clearly labels important natural landforms such as lakes, rivers, mountains, deserts and much more, and includes important bathymetric labels for trenches, plains and ridges. This map, useful as it is for geographic reference, also includes important political information for countries, cities and other political subdivisions.

This map is available in four sizes and in several finishing options such as plain paper, as a laminated map (or laminated on wood rails) or in a repositionable format. It would make a great addition to an office, a classroom, or pretty much anywhere you wanted to add a little bit of cosmopolitan sophistication.

Flags Of the World Political Wall Map

This map is another excellent tool for reference with the rare inclusion of the flags of countries of the world. It features important political and geographic information and international borders are clearly distinguished by the highly contrasting colors in which the countries are depicted. As much a tool for reference as a colorful and interesting conversation starter to add to your wall, this map would be equally great in an office or just framed prominently on the wall of a communal space.

Topographic World Wall Map – Miller Projection

This is a great map that offers a lot of utility for physical reference. It shows the topography of the continents and bathymetry of the oceans using bands of shading and uses data compiled from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. In addition to its value as a topographic reference tool, it contains important geographic information on prominent landforms as well as significant political labeling.

Available as a plain paper map, a laminated map with the option of wooden rollers or in a repositionable format, this map is great not only for reference or educational purposes but for use as wall art.

Historic Wall Map – 1662

What could be a more iconic projection of the world than Joan Blaeu’s Nova Et Accuratissima Totius Orbis Tabula? This is one of the most classic and influential projections of the world by the acclaimed cartographer Joan Blaeu and though it might not make too much impression as a modern reference tool, it is a snapshot of the world as it was once seen through the eyes of a 17th-century mapmaker.

That being said, it could be a valuable reference tool to investigate how certain corners of Europe once actually viewed, and what they believed about, the world. However, this map really is just an uncommonly beautifully example of wall art. Maps aren’t all for referential or educational purposes and this is a fine example of the decorative value of many of ourworld maps for sale. Not only is the map handsomely finished, but the framing of the globe is also beautifully decorated with artistic embellishments.

These are only a few of the many unparalleled examples of world maps for sale that we offer right here on our site. We offer many more hundreds of political and geographic maps as well as historic maps alongside many representations that are intended to be put to use specifically as decorative pieces. Take a look through our pages to find something that works for you – you may very well be more interested in an art print than a political map, and that’s fine because we offer both.