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National Geographic Maps – New at WorldMapsOnline

We’re excited to announce the arrival of National Geographic Maps on our website. We are a licensed Print on Demand partner with NatGeo Maps, and have access to a comprehensive collection of their award-winning maps. We actually began offering these late in 2018 but we never made an announcement about them. Many of the National Geographic maps are shining examples of superior cartography, and are some of the finest maps available today. Combined with our capabilities for large format prints and murals at premium quality, we’re able to offer some of the nicest printed maps available anywhere.

We’ve developed a suite of standard sizes and material options for these maps, and most can be customized as well. Be sure to have a look at a National Geographic title if you’re considering a beautiful and information-rich map.

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41 World Maps that Deserve a Space on Your Wall

Man sitting on couch in front of large world map

If you’ve ever begun a shopping adventure for a map of the world, you quickly discover there’s a vast range of options to choose from. From simplified children’s maps to highly detailed reference maps, and a whole lot in between. When at first the search begun as ‘where to buy a map’, one suddenly finds themselves deep into a bunny-hole of map varieties, size options, material choices, etc etc. I’ve created this guide to help sift through the madness and make some sense out of the vast array of products that exist.

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Is this thing still on?

We’re back!!

Hey this thing still on? Seems that we’ve fallen off maintaining our blog, but we’re coming back! Stay tuned for new stuff coming soon!

Sangwonsa Temple and the 2018 Winter Olympics

Alpensia Resort and surrounding hills

Alpensia Resort and surrounding hills (photo from Trazy)

Deep inside the Odaesan National Park, above head of one of the many creeks and waterways that flows into the Han River in Seoul, lies the Sangwonsa Temple. Just about 2 hours from Alpensia Resort, one of the main locations of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, a great mystery has formed over the past 1,300 years. Continue reading

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 – Illuminated Globes

Summer’s over already?! It’s already time to start looking forward toward the holidays. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, but we’ve got you covered with globes and maps that fit all styles and budgets for the geographer or traveler in your life. What better way to say “you mean the world to me” than a beautiful (perhaps even illuminated) tabletop globe?

The Bowers
12″ Illuminated Desk Globe from National Geographic
$138.95 – Buy it here
Bowers 12" Globe

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Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 – Globes for Kids

Finding the right globe for a child isn’t easy. You want something they will learn from, of course, but you also want a globe that entertains them to help keep their interest, and built well enough to withstand drops and rough play. We’ve tested several globes over the years with this in mind, and here are our picks for the best globes for kids in 2017:

The Intelliglobe II
12″ Interactive Globe from Replogle Globes
$165.00 – Buy it here

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Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 – Floor Globes

A floor globe is more than just a gift – it’s giving a tradition. It’s a centerpiece. It’s an heirloom. It’s sharing a mutual love for our world, and putting it on display in our homes and offices. We always want ourselves be in the company of the dignified and the distinguished, but now we ourselves can be the dignified and distinguished. Here are our favorite floor globes to establish these connections in 2017:

The Eaton III
16″ Floor Globe from Replogle Globes
$422.00 – Buy it here

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The President’s Globe

In late 1942, General Dwight Eisenhower requested the U.S. Army have identical world globes constructed for President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill. U.S. Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall was tasked with commissioning the massive project, and the result was the largest and most accurate globe believed to ever have existed.

The battles now in progress make a most important introduction to the New Year because I am confident that they foreshadow great victories. That you may be better able to follow the course of these battles we wish to install a special globe in your office, the duplicate of which is being delivered to 10 Downing Street.
– General Marshall, in a letter to President Roosevelt
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DIY – Turn that old globe into a hanging lamp

Sometimes you need look no further for inspiration and materials for a rainy day project than your own home. Plus the internet. And let’s be honest about it. The best thing about the internet isn’t social media or shopping. It’s the do-it-yourself videos. (O.K., maybe the cat videos too.)

We spend a lot of time thinking about what you can do with globes and maps. So, we had a do-it-yourself idea. Maybe you have an old globe with a dent or a scratch that you didn’t want to throw away. It ended up in the basement or the attic to live out its days in peace and quiet. Sorry. Nap’s over. We’re going to help you breathe new life into that old globe by turning it into a hanging lamp. Here’s what we’re going to do:
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