Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 – Illuminated Globes

Summer’s over already?! It’s already time to start looking forward toward the holidays. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, but we’ve got you covered with globes and maps that fit all styles and budgets for the geographer or traveler in your life. What better way to say “you mean the world to me” than a beautiful (perhaps even illuminated) tabletop globe?

The Bowers
12″ Illuminated Desk Globe from National Geographic
$138.95 – Buy it here
Bowers 12" Globe

Simple, elegant, informative. Just a few of the words one could use to describe the Bowers from National Geographic. The combination of a blue ocean globe, the pewter-plated silver stand, and battery-operated LED illumination (no wires or cords!) make this globe a perfect addition to a living room or office.

The Lindau
13″ Illuminated Desk Globe from Columbus Globes
$379.00 – Buy it here

One thing we’ve learned from Columbus Globes over the years is that quality and innovation is key, not mass production and corner-cutting. Manufactured in Krauchenwies, Germany, the Lindau is a perfect representation of their craft. The 13″ acrylic globe ball features their patented dual-map cartography, showcasing a beautiful political map when the light is off, and a physical map when the light is on. With its sleek, modern design, it’s hard to believe this globe is currently being made available for under $400.

The Full Circle Reflection
12″ Illuminated Globe from Atmosphere Globemakers
$280.00 – Buy it here

With its minimalist, modern Danish design, young Atmosphere Globemakers has us all buzzing about their new Full Circle Reflection 12″ desk globe. This soft, quiet white globe will sit on your desk or book shelf all day, adding just the right touch of modern sensibility to your work space. When you switch on the illumination feature, however, is when the globe really stands out. The oceans turn dark, the soft light penetrates through the continents, and suddenly you’ve got a conversation piece. This is the perfect gift for a contemporary individual that will keep giving.

The Adams
12″ Illuminated Desk Globe from Replogle Globes
$144.50 – Buy it here

Classic design from Replogle Globes. The Adams 12″ desk globe is extremely unique. Featuring National Geographic cartography, the map itself is easily recognizable, however it’s the parchment oceans and the hardwood base that really bring the whole globe together. This globe will look perfect in an office or study, or on a shelf in your living room.

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