​World Map Murals For Interior Design

​World Map Murals For Interior Design

Mar 6th 2020

Move over, topographic maps - world map murals for interior design are just as popular as they are for reference. Actually, topographic maps and other satellite and political projections can be just as useful as the backdrop of a room as they can be as the top of a table for reference.

While they are great tools for reference, world map murals also happen to be excellent accessories for interior design. That may be in part due to the images that people have created in their heads through the years on the effect a large map mural produces on the senses, but that’s no matter now. What matters is that we don’t just offer maps for reference and education here at World Maps Online. We also offer plenty of unique and interesting representations of the world that are ideal for use in interior design. In fact, many of the projections we offer are expressly intended for use as a fixture in design and not as a map for reference. That being said, many maps whose purposes are educational or referential just also happen to be great pieces of decor, but that will become apparent shortly.

In this piece, we’re going to go through some really excellent options in world map murals that can be put to use as articles for decoration. We will investigate some historical and antique maps, modern maps as well as maps that were designed to be employed as wall art for the effect they can produce on a variety of interior settings. Take a look below to see some of the maps we offer right here on our site that can make great additions to your home to add some class and color to your living, communal or study areas but remember - it’s only a sample. To see everything else we offer you’ll need to spend some quality time perusing our catalog.

Black And White World Map Wallpaper Mural

Here is a map that really takes advantage of a few different elements. On its surface, it looks like it’s just a black and white representation of the world in the classic if not ubiquitous styling of a Miller projection that is so common for wall maps. It is much more, however, than just a black and white skeleton of the world.

Take a closer look and you’ll see that countries and cities are clearly labeled. At first it appears stark and bare but a closer look will reveal the delineation of national boundaries. A map like this makes a great addition to any interior where the prevailing color schemes are neutral. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this map has to be limited to black and white settings. Gray and neutral tones are becoming more and more prevalent in modern interior design. Shake up the setting and add this map to the wall. It will make an impression.

World Time Zones World Map Mural

This is definitely one of our more interesting world map murals, and very similar but not the same in effect to the above map. Of course, this is an interesting and useful map for businesses or organizations that deal in global matters as it can make communication more effective. Yet it remains a useful piece of decor in a novel design that will turn heads and start conversations. It’s not every day that you enter a space that showcases a time zone map covering the wall.

In addition to the layer of information this map offers with respect to world time zones, this map also contains information on national boundaries, capitals and important cities. While it can serve as a tool for reference, it also just happens to be an interesting map. Just as the map displayed above would be a great map wherever the prevailing color tones were black or white or some muted neutral middle ground, so would this. In fact, this map would suit such a setting even better.

It lacks the contrast of the previous map, instead offering softer gray tones that would be ideal for a setting with those colors. In addition, gray has become a mate for softer colors like light blue and pink, so in the event that your design makes use of those, this map would make a piquant mate for those settings. Of course, you could just use this map for international business or flights.

National Geographic World Map Mural - Executive Antique Ocean Political