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Continents Classroom Desk Maps

Kappa physical and political desk maps feature durable lamination and can be written on with a dry-erase marker or water soluble ink. Each map corresponds with its larger wall size version and provides a vast array of information including country and state boundaries as well as capitals, waterways, and major cities. One side features a fully labeled map of the continent and the opposite includes a blank map (ideal for student testing) with four inset maps depicting annual rainfall, population density, natural vegetation & environment, and energy, manufacturing & trade.  Every desk map set includes 30 individual maps. Each map in these sets measures 17" x 11".


Kappa Africa Political Desk Map

Kappa Asia Political Desk Map

Kappa Australia Political Desk Map

Kappa Europe Political Desk Map

Kappa North America Political Desk Map

Kappa South America Political Desk Map

Kappa Africa Physical Desk Map

Kappa Asia Physical Desk Map

Kappa Australia Physical Desk Map

Kappa Europe Physical Desk Map

Kappa North America Physical Desk Map

Kappa South America Physical Desk Map

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