Custom Wall Map Murals

Add infographics, logos, text, designate locations and more!

Create the map you want!

We offer customization services for many of the maps and murals you can find on our site. Our design services make it easy for you to get exactly the projection, and with the right information, that you need. Businesses, teachers, and decorators alike can reap the benefits of a customizable world map highlighting specific regions or boundaries or displaying relevant information on a custom map.

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Contact us at: 1-877-884-2402 or e-mail with your custom requirements for a quote.

Custom Size to Fit Your Wall

Customize the size of one of our map murals to the dimensions you require. We are capable of producing multi-panel wall mural maps in any size you require.

Add Your Company Logo or Custom Graphics

A company logo or personalized graphic can be added to any location on the map. Great for a corporate lobby or office space.

For personalized home decor add your family name to the map.

We can add any graphics, informational charts, or other infographic to the map.

Create a Custom Logo Map Mural

Create a map mural or wall map using your corporate logo or other custom graphic. The map can be filled in with a repeating logo pattern for a unique effect. A great option for the office.

Repeating logo pattern can be sized to your preference. Available in map shapes of U.S., World, Continents, Countries, or U.S. States.

Identify Locations and Points of Interest

Add points of interest or other locations to the map. Great for marking locations of corporate headquarters or regional offices. Use unique symbols to designate a location or area on the map. Perfect for highlighting regional industries such as mining operations or agriculture.

Personalize the map with locations you have traveled to. Highlight family vacation spots around the world. Pinpoint geographical locations of family or relatives.

Highlight Specific Areas or Regions

Customize a map with areas of the U.S., World, or a specific country highlighted. Great for indicating regional sales boundaries, service areas, countries where you have offices, or areas of the world you do business.

Highlight any area on one of our maps in a style of your choosing.

These are just a few examples of what is possible. We can customize any of our standard maps to fit your needs. Custom map projects that require a significant amount of changes may incur additional artwork fees. Minimum fee is $50.00. Please contact at: 1-877-884-2402 or e-mail with your custom map requirements.