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Digital Interactive GIS Map Package
School Wide Site License GIS Map Package

A complete collection of digital interactive GIS (Geographic Information Systems) based classroom maps for teaching all grade levels of geography. GIS maps allow the user to view, analyze, interpret, and compare geographical data. Each map can be projected onto a screen, displayed on an interactive whiteboard, or viewed on a computer screen.

Includes the Following:
  • Interactive World Map
  • Interactive USA Map
  • Interactive Continent Maps

All maps included in the GIS classroom package feature multiple layers of information that can be turned on or off with the click of a mouse. For example, deactivate political layers and then turn on physical layers to display a physical map. GIS maps have more advanced capabilities such as the ability to do geographic comparisons between two layers, measure distances, and easily identify geographic features.

The flexibility of multiple information layers also allows the instructor to create custom maps relevant to the geography lesson plan. This enables teachers to meet the needs of students at every ability level by displaying only the necessary information.

Each map in this series is viewed using ESRI's Arc Reader software. This advanced GIS digital mapping software application has an extensive array of tools that allow full interaction with each map.

Key tools include:
  • Zoom in/out & pan map
  • Measure distance, area, and individual geographic features
  • Searching with the find tool
  • Mark maps with pen and highlighter tools
  • Identify features (countries, continents, states)
  • Magnify Tool
  • View spatial bookmarks
  • Find a specific latitude and longitude by entering coordinates

A school wide site license means you can install the software on every machine in the school or make it available on your school network rather than purchase an individual copy for each computer.

Benefits of School Site License:
  • Pay for it once and own it forever
  • School site licensed package is available to all teachers and students
  • Updates available when you need them
  • No annual fees
  • Click and display maps on screen, interactive white board, or computer
  • Compatible with SMART Board and Promethean Board
  • High quality maps that can be displayed 6 feet wide without pixelation
  • Extremely economical, install it on every computer in the school or school network
  • No Internet connection is required for use of this product, so will not use up limited bandwidth nor interfere with online testing platforms

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MS-K-12-GIS Digital GIS Map Package
 School Site License
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System Requirements:
  • Windows XP SP3 or Higher PC
  • 2.2 GHz or Higher CPU
  • 1 GB Hard Disk Space
  • 2 GB RAM