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Historical Map - Tribal Groups in Western US - 1851

Map depicting the tribal groups of the Upper Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, drawn by Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet in 1851.

Known as the “Friend of Sitting Bull”, since persuading Sitting Bull to participate in negotiations with the U.S. in 1868, Belgian-born, Pierre-Jean DeSmet was a Jesuit missionary who traveled extensively throughout America.

Pierre-Jean DeSmet
Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet

Beautifully decorated borders surround the map, with a fine, colorful portrait of the Crow chief, “Big Robber”, central in the top margin border. Tribal lands depicted are as follows (note that tribal names and spellings of them had not yet been established):
  • Okinaganes
  • Shuyelhe or Kettle Fall
  • Zingomene or Spokane
  • Linpoilish or Isle de Pierre
  • Walla Walla
  • Lower Pendoreille
  • Skalsi or Koetenay
  • Upper Pendoreille or Kalispel
  • Selish or Flathead Territory
  • Blackfoot Territory
  • Crow Territory
  • Assiniboin Territory
  • Mandan Grosventre Arriccare Territory
  • Sioux or Dacotah Territory
  • Waillalpa or Cayuses
  • Punashle or Bonacks
  • Nez Percé or S’apelans
  • Shoshones or Snakes
  • Utah Indians
  • Arapaiios Cheyennes Territory
  • Pawnees
  • Omahas
  • Oloes
  • Iowas
  • Kickapoos

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