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Digital World Atlas DVD-ROM - Klett-Perthes
School Wide Site License - Fully Interactive World & Human Geography Atlas - Mac OS X and Windows PC Compatible

An excellent and extremely comprehensive world atlas from Klett-Perthes offered here in an interactive electronic format for use on both Windows and Mac computer operating systems. This advanced atlas contains nearly 200 high quality political, physical, and thematic maps that will meet the requirements of even the most rigorous of geography lesson plans. Recommended for World Regional Geography, Human Geography, as well as an Introduction to Geography.

This colorful and richly informative digital world atlas offers instructive insights to the complex issues and processes of the modern world. Every map can be projected on to a screen or used with an interactive whiteboard in your classroom as well as viewed on individual computers. A school wide site license means you can install the atlas on every machine in the school or make it available on your school network rather than purchase an individual copy for each computer. As this is a stand alone software product that can be installed on individual computers or deployed on a centralized server, an Internet connection is not required for use of this product.

Features an excellent user-friendly interactive interface with zoom and pan tools, a drawing tool to quickly mark or highlight an area, and ability to save each map as a JPEG image file. Maps can be viewed by region or topics.  View the complete list of maps found in this atlas below.

Atlas Covers the following:

  • Rich Thematic Coverage: geography, climate, vegetation, and more.
  • Maps Compiled Using Current Data: example: climate maps based on the same classification system used by leading scientific institutes conducting research on global climate change.
  • Logical Concise Cartographic Design: read many different dimensions of a given topic from each map.
  • Map Skills: intro w/ concrete examples of how to read and interpret maps using lots of graphics.

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PC Requirements:
  • Windows XP SP2 or Higher PC
  • Pentium IV or Higher CPU
  • 1 GB Hard Disk Space
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: XGA 24-bit w/ 64 MB Memory
  • DVD Drive
Mac Requirements:
  • Mac OS X v.10.2 or higher
  • Intel Core Duo or G5
  • 1GB Hard Disk Space
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: SVGA 24-bit w/ 64 MB Memory
  • DVD Drive

Downloadable demo version available:

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Complete List of Maps in Klett-Perthes Digital Interactive World Atlas

World Maps
  • World: Political
  • World: Physical
  • World: Phys.- Pacific & Atlantic
  • World: Landforms
  • World: Ocean
  • North Polar Region: Ocean Floor
  • South Polar Region: Ocean Floor
  • World: Continental Drift
  • World: Plate Tectonics 1:160,000,000
  • World: Earthquakes
  • World: Volcanism & Geotectonic Processes
  • World: Climate
  • World: Precipitation in January
  • World: Precipitation in July
  • World: Average Annual Precipitation
  • World: Precipitation Variability
  • World: Water Resources 2000
  • World: Water Resources 2025
  • World: Water Use by
  • World: Water Stress
  • World: Temperatures in January
  • World: Temperatures in July
  • World: Air Pressure & Winds in Jan.
  • World: Air Pressure & Winds in July
  • World: Eco-zones

North America
  • North America: Physical
  • North America: Environments
  • North America: Economy
  • North America: Political
  • North America: Ethnic Groups
  • North America: Climate
  • North America: Natural Hazards
  • Canada: Physical
  • Canada: Political
  • U.S.A.: Physical
  • U.S.A.: Political
  • Canada: Southwest
  • Canada: South Central
  • Canada: Southeast
  • U.S.A.: Physical
  • U.S.A.: Political
  • Canada: Southwest
  • Canada: South Central
  • Canada: Southeast
  • U.S.A. Northwest
  • U.S.A. Southwest and Hawaii
  • U.S.A. North Central
  • U.S.A. South Central
  • U.S.A. Northeast
  • U.S.A. Southeast Outlying Territories
  • Central America
  • Australia and Oceania: Environments
  • Australia and Oceania: Physical
  • Australia and Oceania: Climate
  • Australia: Political
  • Australia: Ethnic Groups
  • Australia: Economy and Foreign Trade
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Australia & Oceania: Environ.
  • Australia & Oceania: Physical
  • World: Soils
  • World: Biodiversity
  • World: Environments
  • World: Natural Hazards
  • World: Agriculture
  • World: Desertification
  • World: Deforestation
  • World: Life Expectancy
  • World: Time Zones
  • World: Energy Resources
  • World: Population Density
  • World: Population 2050
  • World: Urbanization
  • World: Natural Pop. Development
  • World: Migration
  • World: Life Expectancy
  • World: Education
  • World: Gross Domestic Product
  • World: Human Development
  • World: Male/Female Ratio
  • World: Population by Age
  • World: Health
  • World: AIDS
  • World: Employment by Sector
  • World: Employment of Women
  • World: International Tourism Receipts
  • World: International Tourist Flows
  • World: Religions
  • World: Official Languages
  • World: Ethnic Diversity
  • World: Cultural Regions
  • World: Government Expenditures
South America
  • South America: Physical
  • South America: Environments
  • South America: Economy
  • South America: Political
  • South America: Ethnic Groups
  • South America: Climate
  • South America: Protected Forests
  • Northern South America
  • Southern South America Lesser Antilles
  • Asia: Physical
  • Asia: Environments
  • Asia: Economy
  • Asia: Political
  • Asia: Ethnic Groups
  • Asia: Climate
  • Asia: Population Density
  • Russia and Central Asia
  • Southwestern and South Asia
  • Middle East
  • Eastern Asia
  • Southeastern Asia
Polar Regions
  • North Polar Region: Physical
  • North Polar Region: Political
  • South Polar Region: Physical
  • South Polar Region: Political
  • World: Military Expenditures
  • World: Foreign Direct Investment
  • World: Foreign Aid
  • World: Debt Burden
  • World: Displaced Persons
  • World: Nutrition
  • World: Hunger
  • World: Natural Resources
  • World: Agricultural Resources
  • World: Violent Conflicts
  • World: Income Inequality
  • World: Childhood under Threat
  • World: Female Income
  • World: Women in Govt.
  • World: Political Organizations.
  • World: Economic Organizations
  • World: United Nations
  • Europe: European Union
  • World: Energy Consumption
  • World: Export Concentration
  • World: Trade in Agricultural Products
  • World: Trade in Mining Products
  • World: Trade in Manufactured Goods
  • World: Telecommunication
  • World: Freedom and Democracy
  • The World from Washington, D.C.
  • World: Population Density
  • World: Population 2050
  • World: Urbanization
  • World: Natural Pop. Development
  • World: Migration
  • Europe: Physical
  • Europe: Environments
  • Europe: Economy
  • Europe: Political
  • Europe: Ethnic Groups
  • Europe: Climate
  • Europe: Tourism
  • British Isles Faroe Islands
  • Northern Scandinavia Iceland
  • Southern Scandinavia and Baltic States
  • Central Europe
  • Spain and Portugal
  • France
  • Italy
  • Southern Balkan States
  • Southeastern Europe, Turkey and Caucasian States
  • Central European Russia
  • Northern European Russia
  • Africa: Physical
  • Africa: Environments
  • Africa: Economy
  • Africa: Political
  • Africa: Ethnic Groups
  • Africa: Climate
  • Africa: Eco-regions
  • Northern Africa
  • Southern Africa