Oklahoma State Thematic Classroom Map on Spring Roller from Kappa Maps

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A detailed Oklahoma state map that meets or exceeds state standards and curriculum framework. Excellent for state studies, history, and other related coursework. Each map is laminated and mounted on a spring roller with metal backboard ready to hang on existing classroom map mounting hardware, or mounting hardware can be purchased separately. Durable lamination allows the use of water-based pens and dry erase markers. 

This thematic map of Oklahoma features a detailed political map with counties in contrasting colors and shaded relief. A physical map of the state, included as an inset, provides land elevation detail using colorful hypsometric tinting. Map details include: county names, cities, towns, interstate and state highways, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, national forests, and national grasslands. Geographic boundaries include: counties, reservation lands, and military areas. A comprehensive state historical timeline and elevation profile provide additional information to broaden classroom learning.

Details on Map Include:

  • Regions, Landforms, Energy, Resources, and Land Use
  • History Maps: 600 B.C - 1800 and 1800 - Present
  • Six Countries of Oklahoma
  • Ethnic Diversity, State Flag and State Seal

Dimensions: 64" x 54"