USA Playground Map Stencil

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These playground map stencils have holes to help delineate political boundaries and physical contours such as oceans, large lakes and continental shapes. Each stencil comes as 8 pieces and includes detailed instructions, including recommendations for paint. The painting project can be a fun activity for students, girl scouts, or boy scouts, and the finished product will certainly open up many more educational activity possibilities. A world map playground stencil can be used to create the playground map for world geography activities: Identify continents and countries, and create games to make learning fun. Using the US map stencil in a playground to paint a US playground map opens up other activities for learning the US states. A booklet with activity suggestions is enclosed in the package.

Playground Tested
  • Photos illustrate murals painted by team of four adults and ten 2nd-4th graders in three hours.
Easy to Apply
  • Instructions include paint specifications.
Follow links below to view instructions:

Geographically and Proportionally Accurate

  • The eight section stencil has holes which define the detailed borders of the 50 states and 5 great lakes (USA map) and continents and countries of the world (world map).

Encourages Educational Classroom Projects

  • Geographical - Paint rivers, mountains, lakes and deserts
  • Political - Show major cities, capitals
  • Economic - Find dams, major crops, products and resources
  • Scientific - Locate species habitats and animal/bird migration routes
  • Historical - Draw explorer routes and places of historical interest


Send us photos of your playground map painting projects!! We'd love to see the photos of your project. Feel free to send us images of your playground map mural 'work in progress' and/or the completed map & we'll post them on our site! Click here to e-mail them to us!