World Wall Maps - World Map Posters

Our most sought out maps are wall maps of the world. These world map poster prints are available in a variety of sizes and finishing options. We offer them as premium paper maps, laminated world map prints, mounted with hanging rails, and as a convenient, removable peel & stick world map wall decal. Many of these world maps are highly detailed, and they make a welcomed addition to a variety of decor styles. 'Political' world maps are the most popular, and typically focus on showing the political boundaries between countries, often downplaying terrain and natural elements. Political world maps normally show each country in its own color block, and are commonly offered with a blue ocean or 'antique ocean' colors. 'Physical' world maps typically will have more Earthy natural coloring, and focus primarily on natural elements such as elevations and vegetation. Some physical world maps may incorporate satellite imagery, and nearly all have some sort of visual relief shading to create the effect of terrain.

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