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World Map Murals

A worldly collection of wall murals offered in many sizes or can be ordered customized to fit your wall. Our world map murals are available printed on an easy-to-install peel & stick fabric or pre-pasted PVC-free wallpaper material.

World map wallpaper can instantly transform a plain wall into an informative and decorative statement. Map murals are printed using very high-resolution digital files and feature beautiful, detailed cartography. Once applied to the wall, a map wallcovering adds a dramatic accent to any space.
World Map Murals - Wallpaper - Self-Adhesive Fabric

Decorate your Wall with a
Huge World Map

Political map murals use bold blocks of color to delineate individual country boundaries which is by definition, what makes these 'political maps'. All of the reference maps utilize the latest cartographic and census based map data provided by government agencies.

Choose from a wide range of world map wallpaper options from children's maps for decorating a kids bedroom to detailed world political maps for an office boardroom
or living room in your home.
Political World Map Murals - Wallpaper - Self-Adhesive Fabric

Add Pops of Color with a Decorative World Map

Our world map wallpaper is a great way to add some color and mood to any setting. You can order our murals in customized sizes to fit your wall and in options to make installation or application easy. We offer easy-to-install peel & stick fabric as well as pre-pasted PVC-free wallpaper. Our high-quality world map wall murals are printed from high-resolution digital files for exquisite, detailed beauty. They’re ideal for putting an artistic and sophisticated touch to the wall of your living space.
Decorative World Maps Add Color and Inspiration to any Space

World Physical Maps
Topography & Satellite Imagery

Physical map murals generally incorporate natural vegetation coloring or satellite imagery. Topographical world maps are also considered to be physical maps, but focus primarily on terrain elevation and ocean depths.

We utilize the latest satellite imagery technology and data sets provided by NASA and others. Several of these map murals have detailed bathymetric (undersea) terrain and major ocean floor features labeled. Available with detailed place name labels or as beautiful images of the world, without labels or political boundaries.
Political World Map Murals - Wallpaper - Self-Adhesive Fabric

Thematic World Maps
Artistic Map Murals

A collection of artistic map-themed mural wallcoverings for fine interiors. These large-scale world map wallpaper murals turn the world into a delightful work of art for your walls.

Interior designers and decorators love these modern stylized map murals. Call to inquire about custom sizes and colors.
Artistic Thematic World Map Murals - Wallpaper - Self-Adhesive Fabric

Many Options Available

All of our world map murals are offered in several standard sizes and two main material choices, but that's just the beginning. Additional material options are also available. See our materials page for more information about all of our wallcovering options.

Custom sizing and personalization is available upon request. We're capable of doing fully custom and bespoke mural projects as well as simple modifications to existing maps. We have a team of map experts ready to assist with any and all questions about our map wallcovering products.
Customized World Map Mural - 1939 World