Historic Map - Bridgeport, CT - 1875

View of Bridgeport, Ct. - 1875

A colorful map depicting a view of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1875. The map has been edited slightly to remove a distracting dark center fold line that was present when the map was originally conserved by the Library of Congress. No other editing has been done. Included is an illustration of P. T. Barnum's grand house, "Waldemere". P. T. Barnum was mayor of Bridgeport in 1875, holding the office for one year as he worked to improve the city by bringing street lights (gaslight), enforcing vice laws and improving the city's water supply. He was later to found Bridgeport Hospital (1878) and was its first president.

Also featured is an illustration of the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Works, which moved from Watertown to Bridgeport in 1856, occupying the factory buildings that had been the old Jerome Clock Company's factory. The arrival of the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Co. was a major boost to the industrialization of Bridgeport.

Inset illustrations:

Jacob Kiefer Furniture Manufacturing Co.
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Works
"Waldemere", Residence of P. T. Barnum, Esq.

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

A. Post Office
B. Court House
C. Jail
D. General Passenger Depot
E. Naugatuck Dock
F. Elevator
G. Observatory
H. Orphan Asylum
 I. Naugatuck R. R. Office
J. Housatonic R. R. Office
K. Convent
L. Seaside Park
M. Waldemere


30. 1st Baptist Church
31. E. Washington Avenue Baptist Church
32. 1st Congregational Church
33. 2nd Congregational Church
34. Park Street Congregational Church
35. Olivet Church
36. Christ Church
37. St. John's Church, Old
37. St. John's Church, New
38. St. Paul's Church
39. Trinity Church
40. 1st Methodist Episcopal Church
41. Washington Park M. E. Church
42. N. Main Street Tabernacle
45. 1st Presbyterian Church
46. German Reform Church
47. St. Augustine Catholic Church
48. St. Mary's Catholic Church
49. Universalist Church
50. Advent Christian Church

Manufacturing References.

  1. Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co.
  2. Jacob Kiefer Furniture Manufacturing Co.
  3. Elias Howe S. M. Manufacturing Co.
  4. Eaton, Cole & Burnham Manufacturing Co.
  5. Doolittle Manufacturing Co., Press & Stamp Work in Sheet Metals, Electro Gold & Silver Plating
  6. Geo. Douglass, Manufacturer of R. R. Springs, & General Forging. 19 Water Street
  7. Lieberum Brothers, Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Furniture, Mattresses & c. No. 57 Water Street
  8. The Original One Price Boston Clothing House, 213 Main St.
  9. The Burlock Shirt Manufacturing Co.
10. The Union Metallic Cartridge Manufacturing Co.
11. Farist & Windsor, Manufacturers of Cast Steel
12. Pembroke Iron Foundry, Wilson, Parsons & Co.
13. B. Ellis, Granite, Brown Stone & Marble Works. Importers of every Variety of Scotch Granite, 86 & 88 Water Street
14. The Original Tomlinson Spring & Axle Co., Established 1852
15. Carr's Shirt Manufactory
16. Bradbury, Goodsell & Wilmot Manufacturing Co.
17. The Armstrong & House Knitting Machine Factory
18. Lyon, Curtis & Co.'s Sash & Blind Factory
19. The Standard Publishing Co.
20. The Farmer Publishing Co.
21. Grand Central Boot & Shoe Store, No. 4 Sterling Block, Ladies' & Gent's Fine Boots & Shoes, in Stock and to Order, 4 Widths.
22. Giddings' & Hopson, Wholesale Grocers & Jobbers in Manufactured Tobaccos, No. 62 Water Street
23. Jno. W. Lathrop, Bookseller & Stationer. G. F. Stevenson & Son, Watchmakers & Jewelers, 272 Main Street, Wheeler's Building
Historic Map of Bridgeport, CT - 1875

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All reproduction prints are printed as "museum quality", using advanced ink formulas and durable museum quality paper.  The reproduction prints reflect the state of repair of the original conserved document. Stains and imperfections reflected in the original map at the time it was collected for conservation are left un-retouched, as they reflect the character and charm of the vintage original. Some major imperfections, such as dark fold lines have been removed when possible.  Maps are printed as ordered and are not returnable unless received damaged.
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