Historic Map - Danbury, CT - 1875

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View of Danbury, Conn. 1875. Drawn by O.H. Bailey. C.H. Vogt lith. J. Knauber & Co. printers.

An 1875 birds-eye view of Danbury, CT, drawn by the famous O. H. Bailey Co. of Boston. Library of Congress stamp is visible in lower right corner. Known as "The Hat City", the city once made 25% of the nations hats. Several hat companies are referenced on the map, as well as hat box companies and others that served the industry.

Also referenced on the map are the 1st and 2nd Congregational Churches, along with the Baptist Church, among others. It is interesting to note that Thomas Jefferson used the expression "Separation of Church and State" in a letter written to the Danbury Baptist Association, in response to their concerns about persecution by the Danbury Congregationalists in 1802. This was the first known instance of the expression. The letter is now on display at the Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of Danbury. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:


  1. Public Schools
  2. Danbury Alms House
  3. Jail
  4. Wooster House, Jesse Sands, Proprietor
  5. Danbury Library
  6. Danbury News Office
  7. Danbury Globe
  8. Gas Works
  9. Opera House, Jos. Taylor, Proprietor


10. 1st Congregational Church
11. 2nd Congregational Church
12. Roman Catholic Church
13. Episcopal Church
14. Baptist Church
15. Methodist Church
16. Disciples Church
17. Universalist Church


18. The Tweedy Mfg. Co. Fur Hat Manufacturers
19. S. C. Holly & Co. Hat Manufacturers
20. Rundle & White, Wool Hat Manufacturers
21. E. A. Mallory, Fur Hat Manufacturer
22. W. A. & A. M, White Fur Factory
23. G. M Hoyt's, Hat Manufacturer
24. Foster Bros. Planing Mill, Sash, Door & Blind Factory
25. Henry Crofut & Co. Hat Manufacturers.
26. D. Stevens, Planing Mill, Sash, Door & Blind Factory
27. Geo. Starr, Hat Case Factory
28. Conn. Fancy Dye Works, Louis Moegling
29. Merrill & Cone, Manufacturers of Calf Boots
30. E. S. Davis, Paper Box Factory
31. Reed, Stevens & Co., Manufacturers of Fine Dress Shirts
32. Fanton Bros. Foundry & Machine Shop, Machinery for Hatters use & Iron Fencing
33. H. Stevens, Machine Shop
34. The Hill & Belden Co., Machinery & Forging
35. M. McPhelemy, Soda Water Manufacturer
36. Danbury Marble Yard, H. E. Comes
37. A. B. Knapp's Coal Yard
38. Tho's. Sprout Coal Office
39. Jos. T. Bates, Lumber Yard

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