Historical Map of the United States - 1875

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PORCINEOGRAPH – 1875 – Souvenir Map of USA

Titled “This Porcineograph”, this charming map is the creation of eccentric millionaire sewing machine magnate, William Emerson Baker. This map was printed and given as souvenirs to the 2,500 guests of a party thrown by Baker in 1875, celebrating and promoting an unprecedented ultra-clean hog farm established on Baker’s agriculturally advanced Ridge Hill Farms in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Baker became a tireless advocate of the Pure Food Movement in the 1870's, lobbying for stricter regulation of food safety.

The “Sanitary Piggery” sought to change the way pigs were raised and processed in the United States. While the USA itself is depicted as a pig, Cuba is depicted as a sausage and the exquisite “porcine border” surrounding the map highlight a signature pork dish from each state (see list below). Clever statements, such as: “Congressional Legislation is Required to Correct this Gehography”, with every pun intended, appear throughout the borders and cartouches.

The map is an excellent example of the technological advances made in lithography, and the fervor for all things “Americana” that gripped post-Civil War America.

The party coincided with the Bunker Hill Centennial, which was noted on the map as follows:

“This GOOD-CHEER SOUVENIR was designed by the author for the Fifth Regiment Maryland National Guard. ---the Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, ---the Richmond Knights Tempolar, --- the Washington Light Infantry of Charleston, S.C., and other guests from the SOUTH, who participated in the Féte Chamétre, especially given in their honor, at Ridge Hill Farms, Wellesley, Mass, June 19, 1875 at the time of the Bunker Hill Centennial.”

DELEWARE, 1638 Pork Pie, Peaches and Pigeons.
NEW JERSEY, 1664 Sausages, Applejack and Asparagus.
GEORGIA, 1733 Possum, Fried Bacon and Sweet Potatoes.
SOUTH CAROLINA, 1670 Boiled Pork, Rice, Shrimps and Palmetto Pickle.
VIRGINIA, 1607 Frost Fish Fry, Brunswick Stew, Ham Eggs and Pandowdy
MASSACHUSETTS, 1620 Pork and Beans, Fish Balls, Brown Bread and Cranberry Sauce.
NEW HAMPSHIRE, 1623 Pigtail Roasts, Doughnuts and Cider.
RHODE ISLAND, 1638 Clambake, Pork, Chowder and Egg-nog.
CONNECTICUT, 1633 Shad, Hog’s Head Cheese and Gingerbread.
OHIO, 1802 Sugar-cured Ham, Cream Cheese and Catawba Grapes.
KENTUCKY, 1792 Bourbon and Boiled Shoulder.
NORTH CAROLINA, 1670 Fish, Pork, Scuppernong Wine and Ground Nuts.
INDIANA, 1816 Fried Bacon, Hot Cakes and Sorghum.
ILLINOIS, 1818 Prairie Hens, Berries, Corn-fed Pork and Lager.
MAINE, 1820 Lobsters, Cunners, Pork-Apple-Pie and Baked Indian.
ARKANSAS, 1836 Salt Pork with Chicken Fixin’s.
FLORIDA, 1845 Turtle Soup, Oranges and Pickled Trotters.
IOWA, 1846 Boiled Pork and Gooseberry Sauce.
CALIFORNIA, 1850 Bear Steaks, Grapes and Ham Sandwich.
OREGON, 1859 Boiled Wheat, Salmon, Pork and Cabbage.
WEST VIRGINIA, 1863 Jowl and Greens, Buckwheat Cakes and Honey.
NEBRASKA, 1867 Buffalo Steak, Game and Souse.
NEVADA, 1864 Fried Pork and Barley Cakes.
KANSAS, 1861 Buffalo Tongues, Paw-Paw and Ham.
MINNESOTA, 1838 Gopher, Stewed Pork and Molasses.
WISCONSIN, 1848 Boiled Hogs’ Heads, Hulled Barley and Blood Pudding.
TEXAS, 1845 Wild Steer and Corn Dodgers wobbled in Pork Fat.
MICHIGAN, 1837 Superior White Fish and Larded Sweetbreads.
MISSOURI, 1821 Coons, Nectarines and Bacon.
ALABAMA, 1819 Cracklings and Pone.
MISSISSIPPI, 1817 Persimmons, Bacon and Hoe Cake.
LOUISIANA, 1812 Gumbo Soup, Poussoneau and Larded Beef.
TENNESSEE, 1796 "Uncle Ned", Bacon Roasting Ears and Corn Cake.
VERMONT, 1791 Hasty Pudding, Maple Syrup, Succotash and Pork.
NEW YORK, 1614 Roast Pig, Fried Oysters,  Strawberry Shortcake and Uninvestigated Drinks.
PENNSYLVANIA, 1682 Pork Scrappel, Apple Butter, and Old Monongahela.
MARYLAND, 1634 Terrapin Soup, Canvass-backs, and Pork Chops.
INDIAN TERRITORY Jerked Buffalo, Parched Corn and Pork.
WYOMING Corned Beef, Pork Fries and Slapjacks.
ARIZONA Jerked Beef and Greasy Doings.
NEW MEXICO Beefsteak and Fried Pork.
DAKOTA Mess Pork and Pancakes.
ALASKA Seal, Blubber, and Pork.
IDAHO Gun and Fish-line Fixin’s and Pork Trimmings.
UTAH B. Young’s Spare Ribs.
MONTANA Venison, Pork, and Whiskey Straight.
WASHINGTON TERRITORY Boiled Salmon, Pickled Pork and Potatoes.
COLORADO Antelope Steak and Roast Chines.


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