Historic Map - Cortland, NY - 1894

Cortland, N.Y.

Reproduction bird's-eye view map of Cortland, New York, published by Burleigh Litho. Co. in 1894. Cortland was settled in the late 1700's on land within the Central New York Military Tract, named after the state's first Lieutenant Governor Pierre Van Cortlandt.

In 1868, the State Normal School was completed. The main brick building was three stories high with a Mansard roof and a sixty-four foot high dome at the center that was a gymnasium. The school is now the State University of New York at Cortland. In 1875, William Brockway established his carriage works in Cortland. Later his son George would convert the factory to build his famous Brockway trucks. Cortland's leading industry at the time this map was published was the production of wire hardware cloth for window and door screens by the Wickwire Brothers Mill.

This panoramic map from 1894 includes buildings, railway routes and clearly labeled street names.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Wickwire Bros., Wire Cloth Mills
  2. The Cortland Wagon Co.
  3. The Hitchcock Carriage Manufacturing Co.
  4. Cortland Harness & Carriage Goods Co.
  5. Cortland Top & Rail Co.
  6. Excelsior Top Co.
  7. Cortland Manufacturing Co.
  8. Cortland Omnibus & Cab Co.
  9. Cortland Cart & Carriage Co.
10. Cortland Buggy Co.
11. The H. M. Whitney Co.
12. Cortland Howe Ventilating Stove Co.
13. Cortland Forging Co.
14. Cortland Chair & Cabinet Co.
15. Cortland Corset Manufacturing Co.
16. Cortland Desk Co.
17. Foundry & Machine Co.
18. Wickwire Roller Flour Mills, E. D. Wood, Manager
19. Cooper Bros., Foundry & Machine Works
20. Cortland Door and Sash Manufactory
21. E. A. McGraw, Carriage Repairing
10. J. Conrad & Son, General Blacksmithing and Carriage Work
10. Wm. R. Hill, Horse Shoeing a Specialty
22. Messenger House, Ollie Ingraham, Proprietor
23. Brunswick Hotel, Wallace Bros. Proprietors
24. European Hotel, Geo. O. Squires, Proprietor
25. Central House, John Andrews, Proprietor
26. North Cortland House, Daniel Kernan, Proprietor
27. Cortland Savings Bank
28. S. S. Knox, Attorney
29. E. E. Mellon, Lawyer
30. James Dougherty, Lawyer
31. Wm. J. Montanye, Attorney
32. Dorr C. Smith, Attorney at Law
33. S. K. Jones, County Clerk
32. Theo. Stevenson, Insurance & Real Estate
34. L. Davis & Son, Insurance Agents29. E. A. Didama, M. D.
35. White & Ingalls, Dentists
35. F. Fenner, Dentist
36. James S. Squires, Office Squires Building
37. D. F. Wallace & Co., Wholesale and Retail Books, Stationery and Wall Paper
31. Cobb & Perkins, Wholesale Confectionery Fruits & Tobacco
35. Dickinson & McGraw, Boots, Shoes, Leather & Findings
38. Sager & Jennings, Druggists
39. Nelson & Call, Carriage Hardware
40. F. D. Smith, Hardware & Stoves
35. H. M. Kellogg, Hardware, Stoves & Ranges
41. Buck & Lane, Hardware and Stoves
42. J. E. Briggs, Hats, Gents Furnishings and Custom Shirts
43. Maher Bros., Clothing and Gents Furnishings
31. John H. Mill's Merchant Tailoring
43. J. E. Bliss, Merchant Tailor
31. P. H. & F. D. Dowd, Ladies and Gents Fine Shoes
44. G. F. Beaudry, Tobacco, Fruits and Confections
45. Isaac Edgcomb, Harness, Robes, Blankets, Trunks, Bags & Whips
46. W. W. Brown, Harness Maker
47. Morse & Green, Groceries & Provisions
48. H. D. Hubbard, Groceries & Crockery
31. C. Fred Thompson, Groceries & Meats
39. Squires & Co., Groceries
49. C. W. Andrews, Groceries & Provisions
50. H. L. Yates, Groceries & Provisions
51. Howard & Co., Groceries, Salt, Lime, Plaster, Cement & Stone
52. E. W. Bates, Groceries
53. Lucien Hale, Meat Market
35. R. G. Lewis, Flour, Feed Grain, Baled Hay, Straw & Shavings
54. C. O. Smith, Flour, Feed Grain, Hay & Straw
55. J. A. Wood, Hides & Skins
56. Maxson & Starin, Coal & Building Material
57. Holden & Seager, Coal, Wood, Fertilizers & Building Material
58. Martin & Call, Coal, Wood, Lime & Fertilizers
59. "Cortland Standard & Daily Journal"
59. Standard Building & Post Office
60. "Cortland Democrat", Democrat Building
 A. Baptist Church
 B. Congregational Church
 C. Catholic Church
 D. Episcopal Church
 E. First Methodist Church 
 F. Homer Ave. Methodist Church
 G. Free Methodist Church
 H. Presbyterian Church
   I. Universalist Church
  J. State Normal Schools
 K. Graded School
 L. High School
 M. County Court House
 N. Opera House
 O. Homer Village
 P. Mt. Toppin
 Q. Truxton Valley
 R. Water Station & Tower
Historic Map of Cortland, NY - 1894

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