Historic Map - Bowling Green, OH - 1888

Bowling Green, Ohio 1888. Burleigh Lith. Est.

Reproduction panoramic view of Bowling Green, Ohio published by Burleigh & Norris in 1888. Bowling Green was incorporated as a town in 1855. Oil was later discovered here, setting Bowling Green into motion to expand. Much land swapping of the main corridor enabled building to begin of a new western town including fifty to one hundred buildings. On August 4, 1887 much of those plans ceased when a quarter of the new business district was destroyed by fire. Building began again, but one year later another fire destroyed that work. That fire on October 31, 1888, destroyed the Sentinel Block, C. C. Ross' Hotel, Emerine & McCauley's hotel and livery, F. N. Griffith's store and Mrs. James Smith's opera house, among other sites.

The map features left bottom illustration of the "West End".

The map includes clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, carriage and pedestrian traffic. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Court House
  2. Town Hall
  3. Opera House
  4. Baptist Church
  5. Methodist Church
  6. Presbyterian Church
  7. United Brethren Church
  8. Disciples Church
  9. Catholic Church
10. Post Office
11. High and Graded Schools
12. R. R. Stations
13. Exchange Bank
14. Exchange Block
15. Ross House
16. Russell House
17. Union Hotel
18. Wood County Sentinel
19. Daily and Weekly Gazette
10. Wood County Democrat
20. Hankey, Cole & Co., Real Estate
  3. S. Case, Real Estate
18. Abbott & McPherson, Real Estate
20. Benschoter Bros., Law Real Estate & Insurance
18. Black & Reese, Real Estate
20. J. L. Wolfley, Real Estate, Delaware, O.
20. Hankey & Potter, Clothing, Gents Furnishings and Tailoring
  3. New York Clothing House, S. Case, Prop.
21. Roath & Co., Dry Goods, Carpets, Boots & Shoes
21. S. L. Boughton, City Dry Goods Store
23. Smith & VanBuren, Fancy Groceries, Crockery and Glassware
24. Lincoln & Underwood, Drugs, Fancy Goods and Wall Paper
25. Chas. Rogers, Drugs, Paints, Oils, Window Glass and Groceries
26. Bolles & Manville, Drugs, Fancy Goods and Wall Paper
27. Miller & Chapman, Groceries, Provisions, Meats and Bakery
28. Cristoph Lehmann, Meat Market, Wholesale and Retail
29. F. Kabig, Wholesale and Retail Meat Market
18. J. W. Derby, Boots, Shoes and Harnesses
30. Huber & Co., Boots and Shoes
31. L. Boughton, Mfr. and Dealer, Harnesses, Whip Nets, Robes and Blankets
32. A. V. Powell, Horse Shoe Restaurant, 4 Main St.
15. Fockler & Nelson, Barber Shop
33. Brown & Mathews, Contractors & Builders
34. Henry Roth, Blacksmith and Wagon Shop
35. Victor Ponchea, Bottling Works
30. Lincoln Block
36. Gaghan Block
20. Hankey Block
24. J. C. Lincoln, Physician and Surgeon
37. D. W. H. Day, Attorney
38. Canastota Glass Co., Limited, Window Glass
39. The Lythgoe Glass Co., Bottles & Fruit Jars
40. The Crystal City Glass Co., Bottles & Prescription Ware
41. The Buckeye Novelty Glass Works
42. J. R. Hankey, Planing Mill & Lumber Yard
43. Cramer & Reider, Union Flouring Mills
13. Dunn & Harrington, Attorneys & Abstracters
13. F. A. Baldwin, Attorney
44. Cook & Troup, Attorneys at Law
20. Nearing & James, Lawyers
45. R. S. Parker, Attorney at Law, Prosecuting Attorney for Wood County
25. Ira C. Taber, Attorney
31. Andrew J. Mears, Attorney
46. R. C. Wilson, Attorney
47. John B. Wilson, Auditor Wood County
30. Giles & Cole, Attorneys
26. Taber & Yonker, Dentists
48. Earl W. Merry, Residence
49. Rev. J. H. Palmer, Residence
50. A. Froney, Residence
51. S. Case, Residence
52. N. Reed, Residence
53. J. R. Hankey, Residence
54. Guy C. Nearing, Residence
55. G. W. Gaghan, Residence
56. Cristoph Lehmann, Residence
24. J. C. Lincoln, M. D., Residence
57. Jas. McPherson, Residence
58. B. L. Abbot, Residence
59. W. P. Brewer, Residence
60. F. A. Baldwin, Residence
 A. B. C. Eberly, Eberly's Grove Addition
 B. J. M. Grims' Addition
 C. Natural Gas Wells
 D. Machine Shop
 E. Lime Kilns
 F. Public Park
 G. Cemetery
 H. Iron Works
Historic Map of Bowling Green, OH - 1888

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