Historic Map - Washington, DC - 1888

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View of Washington, D.C., 1888 / drawn & published by A. Hoen & Co.

This panoramic print of Washington, DC, showing the proposed grounds of the World’s Exposition of 1892, was drawn by E. Kurtz Johnson and published by A. Hoen & Co. in 1888. Our nation’s capital city was first organized in the late 1700's along the Potomac River.

In the 1880's, Washington fought to host the proposed Columbian Exposition, but lost out to a rebuilt Chicago. The fair’s planning did succeed in the materialization of a new zoo at Rock Creek Park. Washington Monument was finally completed in 1884 and dedicated before a crowd of thousands in 1885.

An experimental electric trolley began making rounds through the core of the city in 1888.

The map shows Washington Monument and Potomac River in the foreground with the Capitol building in the distance.