Historic Map - Youngstown, OH - 1882

Panoramic view of the city of Youngstown, county seat of Mahoning Co., Ohio 1882. By A. Ruger. Copyright by J. J. Stoner. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Reproduction bird's eye view map of Youngstown, Ohio, looking southwest, drawn by Albert Ruger and published by Ruger & Stoner in 1882. Youngstown was founded along the Mahoning River in 1797 and incorporated in 1802. It was an area of the Western Reserve of Connecticut, reserved for refugees of Connecticut's "Firelands". It was named for landowner John Young, who had originally surveyed the land and set up the first saw mill and grist mill in the area.

Iron ore and coal deposits were soon discovered near Youngstown and the Hopewell Furnace was built by Daniel and James Heaton establishing Youngstown as an iron industry center. Transportation was key here with the addition of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal in the 1830's and railroads beginning in the 1850's. In the late 1800's, Youngstown was a major intersection for several railroads and was becoming a manufacturing center for steel. The county seat for Mahoning County was moved here from nearby Canfield in 1876.
The map features clearly labeled street names showing scenes of carriage, pedestrian and railroad traffic.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Court House
  2. County Jail
  3. Rayen School
  4. Ward School
  5. Catholic School
  6. Water Works
  7. Soldiers Monument
  8. Post Office
  9. Cemetery
10. N. Y. P. & O. R. R. Depot
11. P. & L. E. R. R. Depot
12. A. & P. R. R. Depot
13. L. S. & M. S. R. R. Depot
14. P. & Y. R. R. Depot
  X. Masonic Hall
XX. I. O. O. F. Hall
OO. Opera Hall
  O. Knights of Pythias Hall
15. The Youngstown Rolling Mill Co., Works
16. The Lane & Woodworth's Glass Roofing Co., Works
17. Arms Bell & Co., Nut and Bolt Works
18. The Forsyth Scale Company
19. The Wm. Anson Wood Mower & Reaper Co., Works
20. Youngstown Lumber Co.
21. Youngstown Stove Co., Works
22. Youngstown Malleable Iron Co., Works
23. Arms Bell & Co., Grasshopper Mill, Spike Works
24. Brown Bonnell & Co's Iron Works
25. Brown Bonnell & Co's Office
26. Mahoning Valley Iron Co., Works
27. Mahoning Valley Iron Co., Office
28. Himrod Furnace Co., Works
29. Planing Mill
30. Falcon Foundry and Machine Works
31. Wm. Tod & Co., Foundry and Machine Works
32. Steam Boiler and Tank Works
33. Wrought Iron Blast Furnace
34. Cartright, McCurdy Co., Iron Works
35. Planing Mill & Lumber Yard, Geo. H. Dingledy, Proprietor
36. Youngstown Manufacturing Co., Brass and Iron Foundry
37. "The News Register", Youngstown Publication Co.
38. "The New Star", Patrick O'Connor, Editor
39. "The Temperance Advocate"
40. "The Vindicator", Thoman & Clark, Editors & Prop's
41. The Youngstown Free Press (Cambridge & Wharton, Jr., Prop's)
42. "Youngstown Rundschau", W. F. Maag, Editor
43. Free Reading Room
44. Guns and Fishing Tackle, M. E. Lewis, Proprietor
45. Steam Bakery, J. C. Kloffenstein, Proprietor
46. Carriage Works, Sheldon Jacobs, Proprietor
47. Carriage Works, Kallenbaugh & Robinson, Proprietors
48. Youngstown Carriage Works
49. Cafe Windsor Dining Rooms, John S. Pollock, Proprietor
50. New York Dining Rooms, C. C. O'Donnell, Proprietor
51. Tod House, M. Henkel, Proprietor
52. American House, R. Mellor, Proprietor
53. Astor House, Julia Brown, Proprietor
54. Central House, M. Donavan, Proprietor
55. Garfield House
56. Morton House
57. Mahoning House
58. Miller House
59. Youngstown Gas Co., Works
60. John Smith's Son's Brewery
61. City Brewery, John Bayer, Proprietor
62. City Flour Mill
63. Diamond Flour Mill
64. Steam Fire Engine House
 A. - First Baptist Church
 B. - Welsh Baptist Church
 C. - Welsh Congregational Church
 D. - Church of the Disciples
 E. - Episcopal Church
 F. - English Lutheran Church
 G. - German Lutheran Church
 H. - First Methodist Church
 K. - Second Methodist Church
 L. - Welsh Methodist Church
 M. - First Presbyterian Church
 N. - Second Presbyterian Church
 O. - United Presbyterian Church
 P. - Reformed Church
 R. - English R. Catholic Church
 S. - German R. Catholic Church
 T. - German Reform Church
 U. - Protestant Methodist Church
 V. - A. Methodist Episcopal Church
W. - Zion Methodist Church
Historic Map of Youngstown, OH - 1882

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