Historic Map - Akron, OH - 1882

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Panoramic view of the city of Akron, Summit County, Ohio 1882. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Panoramic reproduction view of the city known as Akron, Ohio looking southwest, drawn by Albert Ruger and published by Ruger & Stoner in 1882. Akron is located along the Cuyahoga River and much of it rests on the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau region of Ohio giving it cold winters and warm to hot and humid summers. Established in 1825, Akron soon prospered with the completion of the Ohio and Erie Canal. The city's history as a rubber capital began in 1869 when B. F. Goodrich started the Goodrich Corporation. The industry had a major part in making Akron the birthplace of the American trucking industry and becoming a central hub for interstate trucking.

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, carriage and pedestrian traffic. Complete reference list below. Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Academy of Music
  2. City Armory
  3. Fire Engine House
  4. Court House
  5. Masonic Building and Post Office
  6. Odd Fellows Building
  7. Bouchtel College
  8. Central School
  9. Broadway School
  10. Crosby School
  11. Perkins School
  12. Spicer School
  13. South School
  14. Akron Rural Cemetery
  15. German Catholic Cemetery
  16. Water Works and Reservoir
  17. The Beacon Publishing Co., Daily and Weekly Beacon. Geo. W. Crouse, Pres't., T. C. Raynolds, Sec'y, F. J. Starel, Business Manager.
  18. Akron City Times, R. H. Knight, Pub. and Prop.
  19. Akron Germania, Louis Seybold, Ed'r and Pub.20. The Daily and Semi-Weekly News, Wellman Bro's, Ed's and Prop's.
  20. Sunday Gazette, Carson Lake, Ed'r and Manager
  21. Wholesale Paper Warehouse, Halloway & Markle, Prop's.
  22. Tannery, James Christy & Sons, Prop's.
  23. Akron Oat Meal Mill, Hover & Co., Prop's.
  24. Akron Oat Meal Steam Mill, Carter & Steward, Prop's.
  25. Aetna Mills, McNeil & Baldwin, Prop's.
  26. German and Empire Mills, F. Schumacher, Prop.
  27. New Mill, F. Schumacher, Prop.
  28. Cascade Mill, F. Schumacher, Prop.
  29. Stone Flour Mill, Commins & Allen, Prop's.
  30. Akron Brass Foundry, J. H. Reddle, Prop.
  31. Akron Boiler Works, J. C. McNeil, Prop.
  32. Akron Iron Works, L. Miller, Pres't., J. A. Long, Sec'y.
  33. Akron Manufacturing Co., D. S. Alexander & Co., Prop.
  34. Akron Fire Brick Works, J. Park Alexander, Prop.
  35. Planing Mill, Weary, Snyder & Co., Prop's.
  36. Coal Office, O. S. Jacobs, Props.
  37. Akron Polishing and Plating Works, Root & Dean, Prop's.
  38. Broom Manufactory, Bachtel & Pontins, Prop's
  39. Akron Brick Works, Atwood & Briggs, Prop's
  40. Akron Stoneware Pottery, E. H. Merrill & Co's, Prop's.
  41. Ohio Stone Ware Pottery, Knapp & Whitsel, Prop's.
  42. The B. F. Goodrich Co's Rubber Works
  43. The Diamond Match Co's Works, O. C. Barber, Pres't.
  44. Akron Varnish Works, Kubler & Beck, Prop.
  45. Empire Mower and Reaper Works, J. Feiberling, Pres't.
  46. Buckeye Mower and Reaper Works, Geo. W. Crouse, Treas.
  47. The Whitman, Barnes Manufacturing Co's Works, Geo. Barnes, Pres't., S. M. Burnham, Sec'y., J. S. Lane, Sup't., W. T. Allen, Treas.
  48. Webster, Camp and Lane, Machine Co's Works, Chas. Webster, Pres't., S. M. Burnham, Sec'y., J. S. Lane, Sup't., W. T. Allen, Treas.
  49. Cooper Works, Phillip Stein, Prop.
  50. Foundry and Machine Works, Wm. Eberhard, Prop.
  51. Stove Works, Taplin, Rice & Co., Prop's
  52. Grace Park
  53. South Park
  54. Gas Works
  1. Akron Hebrew Congregation
  2. First Baptist Church
  3. Church of the Disciples
  4. First Congregational Church
  5. Evangelical Association Church
  6. Grace Reform Church
  7. German Reform Church
  8. German Lutheran Church
  9. First Methodist Episcopal Church
  10. St. Paul's Episcopal Church
  11. St. Bernard German Catholic Church
  12. St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church
  13. Trinity Lutheran Church
  14. First Universalist Church
  15. A. M. E. Zion Colored Church
  16. N. Y. P. & O. R. R. and C. A. & C. R. R. Union Depot
  17. Valley R. R. Depot
  18. Empire House, Ailes & Epply, Prop's. Successors to Phillips & Ailes
  19. ew Summer House, E. D. Ely, Prop.
  20. Base Ball Ground


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