Historic Map - Bellaire, OH - 1882

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Bird's eye view of Bellaire, Ohio 1882. H. Wellge, del. Beck & Pauli, lithographers.

Reproduction birds-eye view map of the community known as Bellaire, Ohio, also showing Benwood, West Virginia. The map was drawn by Henry Wellge and published by J. J. Stoner in 1882. Bellaire is a village on the banks of the Ohio River that in 1882 was just a quick boat or rail ride across the river to Benwood, West Virginia. Known at the time as "Glass City", Bellaire fostered good transportation to transfer goods and had abundant coal resources to energize its many glass factories. Benwood was officially granted its charter in 1853.

The map features lively scenes of community life and includes railroad, carriage and boating traffic. Map includes portion of Benwood, West Virginia and inset illustration of southern extension of Belmont Street. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:
 A. Presbyterian Church
 B. Disciples Church
 C. United Presbyterian Church
 D. Methodist Church
 E. Episcopal Church
 F. German Evangelical Church
 G. Catholic Church
 H. Methodist Church, South Bellaire
  I.  High School
  J. Gravel Hill School
 K. South Bellaire School
 L. African School
 M. City Hall
 N. Market House
 O. Gas House
 P. B. & O. R. R. Depot
 Q. C. & P. R. R. Depot
 R. B. & S. W. R. R. Depot
 S. Water Works
 T. Reservoir
 U. B. & O. Round House and Shops
 V. C. & P. Round House and Shops
W. B. & S. W. Round House and Shops
 X. Soldiers' Monument
  1. First National Bank
  2. Globe Hotel
  3. Belmont House
  4. Bellaire Nail Works
  5. Union Window Glass Works
  6. Lantern Globe Manufacturing
  7. Bottle Works
  8. Belmont Glass Works
  9. Buckeye Lantern Co's, Pack. Room and Store House
10. Aetna Glass and Manufacturing Co
12. National Glass Works, Rodefer Bros
13. Window Glass Works
14. Ohio Glass Works
15. Bellaire Stamping Co.
16. Plaining Mill and Lumber Yard, DuBois & McCoy
17. Bellaire Boiler Works, J. B. Barnhill
18. Upper Wharf Boat, C. H. Dankwerth, Agt.
19. Lower Wharf Boat, Wm. Manley, Prop.
20. Carriage Factory, A. H. Marsh
21. Wagon and Machine Shop, Shipman & Nevil
22. Marble and Granite Works, M. W. Jordan
23. Brick Yard, David Crozier
24. Smith & McClain, Contractors and Stone Masons
25. Cooper Shops, G. W. Grodhaus
26. J. Sinclair, Drugs and Medicines, Benwood
27. Benwood Nail Works
28. Riverside Furnace
29. Benwood School
30. Catholic Church, Benwood
31. Methodist Church, Benwood
32. Lutheran Church, Benwood
33. John B. Heil, Slaughter House and Residence
34. Glass City Flouring Mill, Fred. Muhleman
James F. Anderson, Editor, "Independent", 313 Union St.
Poorman & Woodbridge, Editors, "Tribune", 339 Union St.
C. N. Allen, Editor, "Democrat", 137 Belmont St.
Husbands & Inskeep, Drugs and Medicines, 314 Union St.
M. Sonneborn, Clothing, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes, Gents Furnishings, 324 & 326 Union St.
Fred Hoffman, Furniture and Undertaking, 232 Union St.
Mayer & Klotz, Dry Goods, Carpets, etc., 234 Union St.
J. B. Smith, Attorney and Notary, 229 Union St.
D. M. Corbett, Groceries and Provisions, 206 Belmont St.
Joseph Burtoft, Manufacturer and Dealer in Tobacco & Cigars, 302 Union St.
Alex Mayer, Dry Goods, Clothing & Carpets, 322 Union St.
S. Klotz, Clothing, Hats, Caps and Gents Furnishings, 336 Union St.
I. N. Grafton, Undertaker and Practical Embalmer, 317 Union St.
John B. Heil, Meat Market, 308 Union St.
O. C. Genthers, 99 cent Store, 203 Belmont St.
Rees & Gallaher, Attorneys at Law, Bank Building
Fred Eberle, Groceries and Feed, 329 Belmont St.
R. W. Muhleman, Physician and Surgeon, 104 Belmont St.
Wiley & Wetherald, Dry Goods and Notions, 215 Belmont St.
Geo. H. Muth, Boat Store, Groceries and Provisions, 220 Union St.
Jas. Fitton, Steam and Gas Fitter, 318 83rd St.
W. S. Carroll, Groceries and Provisions, 83rd near Belmont St.
A. Stahl, Liquor Store, 552 Union St.
F. J. Smith, Boot and Shoes, 118 Belmont St.
J. J. McDermott, Saloon and Eating House, 137 Union St.
Wm. Shindewolf, Saloon and Restaurant, 224 Union St.
Amelia Winkler, Bakery and Ice Cream Saloon, 402 Union St.
A. V. Honeywell, Groceries and Provisions, 628 Belmont St.
Mrs. S. J. Neal, Groceries and Provisions, Guernsey St. West End 25th St.
Wm. H. Risler, Meat Market, 221 West 25th St.
Fred Rodewig, Bakery, 330 Belmont St.
J. A. Pedicord, Grocery and Ice Cream Saloon, 401 Belmont St.
Wm. Manley, Groceries and Provisions, 31st between Belmont & Union
O. C. Adair, Groceries and Provisions, 405 Union St.
Jennie C. Tucker, Confectionery and Cigars, 501 Union St.
John Steger, Cigar Manufacturer, 538 Union St.
Conrad Gantert, Bakery and Confectionery, 533 & 535 Union St.
Mrs. R. H. Sherry, Saloon and Billiard Parlor, 137 25th St.
I. L. Fawcett, Groceries and Provisions, 1100 South Belmont St.
M. Huffman, Palace Drug House, 1102 South Belmont St.
Glass City Drug Store, 1121 South Belmont St.
A. T. Lockwood, Groceries and Provisions, 1208 South Belmont St.
John Zweig, Hardware, Stoves, etc., 334 Union St.
Matt. Auftring, Bakery, Belmont, cor. 22nd Sts.
Mrs. H. Miller, Dry Goods, Millinery, Fancy and Gents Furnishing Goods, 338 Union St.
Mrs. S. Goetze, Groceries and Provisions, 1013 Jefferson St.
R. E. Williams, Groceries and Provisions, 1029 Jefferson St.
Mrs. L. Cooper, Ice Cream and Confectionery, 335 Belmont St.
John E. Vogel, Groceries and Provisions, 224 Hamilton St.
Conrad Rumbach Globe House Saloon
Mrs. A. Gray, Ice Cream Saloon and Confectionery, 115 Belmont St.
C. Lashley, Groceries and Provisions, 515 Union St.
Andrew Turman, Globe House Barber Shop
Schramm Bro's, Groceries and Provisions, 141 Belmont St.
D. Koonce, Groceries and Provisions, 128 Noble St.
D. Lash, Groceries and Provisions, 300 Noble St.
Jacob Reitz, Groceries and Provisions, 401 Noble St.
J. G. McCollough, Physician and Surgeon, 929 Noble St.
J. G. McCollough, Drugs and Medicines, 931 Noble St.


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