Historic Map - Bluefield, WV - 1911

Aero view of Bluefield, West Virginia 1911 / T. M. Fowler del.

This reproduction aero-view map of Bluefield, West Virginia was drawn by Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler and published by Fowler & Basham in 1911. Named for the valuable coal fields of the Bluestone River, Bluefield prospered greatly with the addition of the Norfolk and Western Railway and the discovery of large deposits of bituminous coal. Mining of the ore began in 1890 and the town of Bluefield became an instant metropolis. Several grand mansions were built here during this time. The area’s coal helped forge the Industrial Revolution and fueled both U. S. and British Navies. Bluefield was incorporated as a city in 1889.

The map from 1911 includes Bluefield’s labeled streets, buildings, railroad yards and railroad lines. It features inset illustrations or photographs of the following:

The First National Bank of Bluefield. Capital Surplus and Profits $400,000. Resources $1,700,000.
Bluefield Produce & Commission Co.
Georgia Lumber Co.
Kelly & Moyer Building.
Flat Top Grocery Company.
The Hale Land Co. Addition. Thos. B. Hutchison, Sales Manager. Kelly & Moyer Bldg.
Bluefield Telephone Company.
The Hutchison Company. Hale Land Co., Sales Agents. Suite 15 & 16, Kelly & Moyer Building. We sell the Earth Stocks and Bonds, investments of all kinds.
Hotel Matz. Strictly Fireproof.
Superior Supply Company.
Union Bank and Trust Company.
Christ’s Episcopal Church. Photo by S. S. Wallace.
Presbyterian Church. Bluefield, W. V.
Church of the Sacred Heart. Father E. Olivier.
Baptist Church.
U. S. Post Office.
Flat Top Book & Stationery Co. The Dollar Savings Bank. Mastins Pharmacy.
McCue & Wright Milling Company.
Saxon Lime & Lumber Co. 160 Roanoke St.
Bluefield Produce & Commission Co.
Busy Bee Restaurant. Karlos Bros., Props.
Bluefield Bakery.
Bland St. Methodist Church.
Bluefield High School.
N. & W. Round House & Machine Shops.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

The Foland Printing Co., Particular Printers, C. V. Foland, Pres. and Mgr. 239 Princeton Avenue.
Bluefield Evening Leader.
Bluefield Daily Telegraph.
Flat Top Book & Stationery Company.
Superior Supply Company.
N. & W. Round House & Machine Shops.
Division Offices of N. & W. Ry. Company.
The Hutchison Company. Real Estate.
Hale Land Company. Real Estate.
Booker & Crenshaw, Real Estate.
C. O’Leary & Son, Real Estate.
Easley & West, Real Estate.
Hawkins Undertaking Company.
Eureka Hardware Company.
Hutton Shoe Company. High Grade Shoes, Hosiery and Hats.
J. B. Williams, Cleaning and Pressing.
Smokless Fuel Company. A. M. Sowers, Agent.
D. H. Smith, The Fresh Paint Man, manufacturer of Derby Liquid Paint in all shades and colors. 903 Bluefield Avenue.
Bluefield Telephone Company.
Bluefield Bakery.
Kelly & Moyers, Building.
Busy Bee Restaurant, Karlos Bros., Props.
George H. Hill, Architect and Engineer.
Thornton Clothing Company, cor. Princeton and Higginbotham Avenues.
Robt. E. Moore, Attorney at Law. Room 23, Thornton Building.
Ross & Kahle, Attorney at Law. 32 Higginbotham Avenue.
J. L. Hawley, Attorney at Law. Witten Building.
The Home Grocery Company. G. W. Burk, Manager.
Campbell Grocery Co., for Staple and Fancy Groceries. 401 Bluefield Avenue.
Bowling Grocery Co., for Staple and Fancy Groceries. 404 South Bland Street.
B. H. Bailey, for Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Flat Top Grocery Company, Wholesale Grocers.
The Kelly Jackson Drug Co., Druggist and Florist. 101 Princeton Avenue.
Mastins Pharmacy, Elks Building.
Kingslow Drug Company, prescriptions carefully filled; prices reasonable. 224 Bland Street.
Citizen’s Underwriters’ Agency, John F. Land, Manager.
Flat Top Insurance Agency, First National Bank Bldg., General Insurance; Oldest, Largest and Strongest agency in W. V.
West Virginia Fire Underwiters’ Assn., J. M. Rutherford, Stamping Secy.
P. W. Poff, Photographer. 221 Princeton Avenue.
S. S. Wallace, Photographer.
Hotel Matz. Sam Matz, Prop.
Arlington Hotel. Mrs. Melcher, Prop.
The Dollar Savings Bank, Elks Building.
The First National Bank of Bluefield.
Union Bank & Trust Company.
Georgia Lumber Company, General Building Material.
Saxon Lime & Lumber Company. 160 Roanoke Street.
McCue & Wright Milling Company.
Amicon Fruit Company, Fruits and Vegetables.
Bluefield Produce & Commission Company.
Historic Map of Bluefield, WV - 1911

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