Purchase a World Wall Map at World Maps Online

Feb 17, 2020

The beauty of a world wall map lies in its versatility as a decorative device. Just as we populate our living spaces with couches, tables, seats, lighting fixtures, and art, a world wall map can bring a real sense of depth and distinction to a room that otherwise lacks some kind of worldly character. Our homes are reflections, in the end, or our personality, our mien, our way of living. They are where the deepest desires for our lives are brought to reality in wood, leather, stone, and paper. The function of a space reflects its mood, which influences our own. How we decorate our spaces, to a certain degree, determines who we are.

A world wall map is just one way that you can imbue a room with your own spirit. The style of our maps, at World Maps Online, are various as the people who purchase them. We have maps that function as pieces of education. We have artistic interpretations of the world. We have historical maps. We have satellite portraits of the world as it really is.

Our most popular world maps are political. Our personal favorite is a detailed physical world map created with a Robinson Projection. Devised by Arthur H. Robinson in 1963, a Robinson projection depicts the entire world at once. The Robinson projection was created in response to an appeal by the Rand McNally company, which wanted to devise a solution to the problem of showing a three-dimensional globe as a flat image, with the inevitable spatial warping that occurs. This aesthetically stunning physical map features detailed political data that is up-to-date for 2019. The map blends colorful hypsometric tints with three-dimensional shaded relief, creating a realistic sense of depth and vividness. This includes bands of elevation shading. Our map also features detailed ocean bathymetry, as well as a wide range of geographic information, including country and US state boundaries, major cities, national capitals, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, significant mountains, deserts, and geologic basins. The map also identifies major seas, bays, straits, and major and minor islands. Fracture zones, ridges, and trenches are identified as part of the overall ocean bathymetry. Latitude and longitude lines are latticed across the map, which also features the international dateline, and identifies the various time zones. In addition to the main image of the world, the map also features polar insets that show accurate images of the North and South Poles. The map’s three-dimensional relief is based upon NASA elevation data gleaned from satellites. The map is available in four sizes, and in four finishing options, including plain untreated paper, laminated paper, laminated paper with wood rails, and as a repositionable peel and stick.

Another of our popular world maps is a reproduction of a map created by John Speed in 1676, titled: “A New and Accurate Map of the World: Drawne according to ye truest descriptions, latest discoveries & best observations yt have beene made by English or Strangers.” Speed himself was one of the best known English mapmakers of the early modern period, who made his name by publishing an extrapolated biblical map of ancient Canaan, which he presented to Queen Elizabeth I at the tail end of the sixteenth century. His maps were known for their attention to detail and their exquisite beauty. Our reproduction of Speed’s map features the world split into eastern and western hemispheres with ancillary maps, diagrams, and illustrations that depict the heavens and elements, certain eclipses, and a globe held by some angelic hand. This museum-quality antique print derives its beauty from its hand-colored effects. It is available in multiple sizes as either a paper print or a Giclee photo paper print. The Giclee prints are available with dry-mounting to an inch deep plaque mount style frame with an eighth-inch beveled edge.

Finally, another favorite of ours is a world map inspired by the Delft Blue pottery that became popular in the Netherlands in the sixteenth century. Based upon older Chinese porcelain designs, Delftware became the European choice for painted pottery. The style, a striking mix of cobalt dyes on the ivory glaze, has become world-renowned. It is still seen as the standard style for pottery the world over. Our world map takes the style of Delftware and applies it to the world itself. The background of the map is a sumptuous white, covered over in cobalt lines, which denote the boundaries of continents, countries, and states. Capitals and major cities are denoted by blue dots, with a blue legend above. To purchase a map from World Maps Online, or to learn more about what we can do, contact us at 1-877-884-2402, or email us at contact@worldmapsonline. We are fully equipped to handle all of your needs, whether decorative, educational, or business-related. Check us out to purchase a world wall map today!