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Advanced Political/Physical Classroom Maps from Kappa Maps

These Advanced physical and political maps are ideal for classroom use. Created with legibility in mind, these brightly colored maps highlight the world, its continents and the United States with detailed cartography. Appropriate for grades 4-12 and satisfying state and national curriculum standards, the Advanced Classroom Wall Maps are a must have for every classroom. Combine up to 8 of any of maps below onto a single pull-down spring roller assembly. Maps measure 64" x 49".

Maps can also be purchased individually mounted.
Universal Map Advanced Political and Physical Mult-Mount Combination Maps
Advanced Political Maps
The Advanced Political Classroom Wall Maps provide a wealth of valuable information including country and state boundaries as well as capitals, major waterways, and major cities. World map features the latest international name changes and flags for most nations are depicted.

Advanced Physical Maps
The Advanced Physical/Political Classroom Wall Maps feature innovative shaded relief detail of the world, continents and the United States. Country and state boundaries outlined, and major cities and place names labeled.

World Physical Classroom Map

States Physical Classroom Map

Europe Physical Classroom Map

Asia Physical Map on Spring Roller

Physical North America Classroom Map
North America

South America Physical Classroom Map
South America

Africa Physical Classroom Map

Australia Physical Pull-Down Map

Item# Description Weight Price Order Below
U-28011 2-Map Set 14 lbs $299.00 add to basket
U-28012 3-Map Set 20 lbs $359.00 add to basket
U-28013 4-Map Set 26 lbs $449.00 add to basket
U-28014 5-Map Set 32 lbs $539.00 add to basket
U-28015 6-Map Set 38 lbs $629.00 add to basket
U-28016 7-Map Set 44 lbs $719.00 add to basket
U-16672 8-Map Set 50 lbs $809.00 add to basket
  *Maps are available in a multi-mount set on a single spring roller, you may combine any physical and political maps into the same set.
Also Available: Mounts and racks for mounting and displaying spring roller mounted maps.
Map mounting hardware and racks

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