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Featuring multi-colored states as well as animals and plant life that call our country home, this rug is a colorful, exciting way to help kids learn more about their country.
List of State Icons:
Alabama - Camellia
Alaska - Polar Bear
Arizona - Cactus
Arkansas - Geese
California - Golden Gate Bridge
  ;                  Movie Camera
Colorado - Skier
Connecticut -  Sail Boat
Delaware - #1 (1st state)
Florida - Alligator
Georgia - Peach
Hawaii - Pineapple
Idaho - Potato
Illinois - Abraham Lincoln
Indiana - Raceway/Indy 500
Iowa - Farm
Kansas - Wheat
Kentucky - Horses/Derby
Louisiana - Steam Boat
Maine - Lighthouse
Maryland - Crab
Massachusetts - Lantern
Michigan - Car
Minnesota - Cow
Mississippi - Cotton
Missouri - St. Louis Gateway Arch
Montana - Buffalo
Nebraska - Corn
Nevada - Hoover Dam
New Hampshire - Maple Syrup
New Jersey - Tomato (Garden State)
New Mexico - Adobe Structures
New York - Big Apple/Statue of Liberty
North Carolina - Airplane
North Dakota - Sunflower
Ohio -  Light bulb
Oklahoma - Tee Pee
Oregon - Beaver
Pennsylvania - Liberty Bell
Rhode Island - Lobster
South Carolina - Steam Train - “Best Friend of Charleston”
South Dakota - Mt. Rushmore
Tennessee - Coon Skin Hat
Texas - Oil
Utah - Bonneville Salt Flats
Vermont - Leaf
Virginia - George Washington
Washington - Space Needle
West Virginia - Glass
Wisconsin - Cheese
Wyoming - Geyser
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