Historic Map - Allentown, PA - 1901

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Allentown, Penna. 1901.

The dawn of the twentieth century finds Allentown, Pennsylvania a bustling and industrious community. This Bird's Eye View map well illustrates the growth of the town since the earlier 1879 map on file with the Library of Congress. Inset around the edges of the map are detailed illustrations of local businesses. Businesses and public places referenced on the map and a list of inset illustrations is featured below the picture on the right.

Allentown was sometimes known as Northampton or "Northampton Town" until officially being named Allentown in 1838. The place had also been known as "Allen's Town", after William Allen, the largest landowner in the region, having purchased the tract of land that Allentown is now situated on in September, 1735. William Allen was to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the province in 1750.

This example of a Bird's Eye View Map was published by Landis & Alsop of Newark, NJ in 1900.

This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features references to the following locations:

The Wyandotte Hotel and Grand Opera House, South Bethleham, PA.
Schadt & Co. Grocers, 107-109 Hamilton Street
Phaon Diehl, Moving Van Co., 223-229 North Lumber Street
The Heilman Boiler Works, Front and Linden Streets
The Lotte and Mazeres Co., Skein Silk Dyers, Allentown, PA
Hutchinson Furniture and Carpets, 48 North 7th Street
The Daily City Item, Newspaper, 607 Hamilton Street
C. Buehler & Co., Parlor Furniture, 11-15 Front Street
Tritschler's Bakery, 107 South 7th Street
Lehigh Valley Silk Mills, South Bethlehem, PA
John Knerr & Co Grocers & Confectioners, 707 Hamilton Street
Henry Gabriel's Sons Bleachers, Dyers and Finishers of Underwear, Manfacturers of Hosiery, Foot of Water Street
The Windsor, hotel, Jos. F. Gehringer, Corner of Hamilton and Lumber Streets
Kramers Music House, 544 Hamilton Street
F.A.R. Baldwin (Commonwealth Building)
The Morning Call, Publishing Co., 16 South 6th Street
The American Business College, S.C. Speer, Pres., 16-18 North 7th Street
Anewalt Bros., 615 Hamilton Street
Keck and Bro. Lumber Merchants, South Allentown, PA
Rionor Silk Mills, South Bethlehem, PA
Lehigh Valley Decorating Co., Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Sets, Barber Mugs, Etc., H. Foerster, Proprietor, 335 North Front Street
Lyric Theatre, Allentown, PA, Sixth and Court Streets
Allentown Crockery Co., Importers and Jobbers of China Etc., 37-39 South 7th Street
Ritter and Smith, Builders and Contractors, Farr Building, Room 2
A.E. Bittner Grocer, Fresh Poultry and Country Produce, 212-214 North 5th Street
Arbogast & Bastian, Dealer in Wholesale Fresh Meats and Provisions, 7-23 Hamilton Street
Daufer & Co., Lager Beer & Porter Brewers, 10 South 8th Street
Allen Stamp and Stencil Company, 104-106 North 7th Street
The Great Allentown Fair, 17th and Madison Streets
Berninger Bros. Cigar Manufacturers, 243-45-47 North 4th Street
Allentown Boiler Works, Between Lehigh Valley and Terminal Stations
The Allentown Foundry and Machine Works, Allentown, PA


Weisample & Jacoby, Commonwealth Bldg.

Biery, James S. office, 531 Hamilton St.
Lichtenwalner, E.J., 609 Hamilton St.
Marsteller, James L., 535 Hamilton St.

The Allentown National Bank
The Lehigh Valley Trust and Safe Deposit Co.
The Second National Bank

Tritschler's Bakery, 107 S 7th St.

Boiler Works:
Allentown Boiler Works, Betwen Lehigh Valley and Terminal Stations, Proprietors Collum & Knouse
The Heilman Boiler Works, Front and Linden Streets, M.E. Heilman, S.F. Jordan, J.N. Rhoda, Proprietors

Books, Stationery, etc.:
Shafer's Popular Book Store, Shafer, J. Alfred, 33 N 7th St; also School and College Text Books, Artist's Materials & Sunday school supplies, etc.

Allentown Brewing Co., Allentown, PA
Daufer & Co., 16 South 8th St

Wholesale dealers in Fresh Meat and Provisions, Arbogast & Bastian, 7-23 Hamilton St, near Lehigh Valley Bridge

Civil Engineers:
Martz, J. Howard, City Engineer, Allentown, PA
Grossart, Charles W., Allentown, PA

Cigar Mfgr.:
Berninger Bros., 243-45-47 N 4th St

Koch Bros., The Big Store, 7th and Hamilton Sts.

Club Supplies:
Tainton Bros. General Club Supply Co., 131 S 4th St

The American Business College, 16-18 N 7th St., President, S.C. Speer

Contractors and Builders:
Martz & Son, Joseph F., office, Lyric Theatre Bldg., Sixth and Court Sts.
Nagle & Son, James, 506 Hamilton St.
Ritter & Smith, office, Farr Bldg. Room 2

Crockery Companies:
Importers and Jobbers of China, Glass, Queensware and Oil, Allentown Crockery Co., 37-39 S 7th St.

Decorating Co.:
Lehigh Valley Decorating Co., Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets, Barber Mugs, etc., H. Foerster & Co., 335 N Front St.

Watt, James Bond, Corner of Walnut and 6th St.

Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, etc.:
H. Leh & Co., 626-30 Hamilton St.
Dyeing Estab. (Skein Silk Dyers)
Lotte & Mazeres Co., Allentown, PA

The Great Allentown Fair, Pres. Hon. Jeremiah Roth; Vice-Pres. Rob. R. Ritter; Sec. Wilson K. Mohr, E.; Treas. Altred W. DeLong

Farm Implements and Seeds:
Powell, W.B., 854 Hamilton St.

Foundries (Tannery):
Allen Foundry, Union Crop Leather Tanners, J.K. Mosser & Sons, Allentown, PA

Foundry (Iron, Machinists, etc.):
The Allentown Foundry and Machine Works, Allentown, PA
Weaver, Hirsh & Co., Allentown, PA
The Vulcan Brass Works, 716 N 4th St, between Tighman and Greet Sts., Proprietor, R. Meisterknecht

Furniture, Carpets, Oilcloths, etc.:
Hutchinson, A.D., 48 N 7th St., Furniture

Bittner, A.E., Fresh Poultry and Country Produce, 212-14 N 5th St.
Kauffman, E.R., 347 N 2nd St., Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, Seeds of all kinds, Oilcloth, Wood and Willow Ware
Schadt Bros. Wholesale Grocers, 107-109 Hamilton St., Canned Goods, Spices, Salt Fish, Vinegar, Sugar, etc.

Hats, Caps and Furs:
Anewalt Bros., 615 Hamilton St.

Allen House, 7th and Hamilton Sts., Harris, proprietor
American Hotel, Hamilton and 6th Sts., George Seagreaves, proprietor
Grand Central Hotel, Hamilton St., Proprietor, Stroud
Windsor Hotel, corner of Hamilton and Lumber Sts., Proprietor, Jos. F. Gehringer

Hardware, etc.:
M.S. Young & Co., 740 Hamilton St., Sole Agents for Kelly Springfield Rubber Tires, Never slip Horse Shoes, Calks & Rubber pads. Established, 1843

Knitting Mills:
Lehigh Knitting Mills, Court and Hall Sts., Swartz & Son, proprietors

Allen Steam Laundry, S 7th St., Proprietor, O.S. Hunsicker

Livery Stables and Boarding:
Focht A. Harvey, 115 N Hull St., First-class and stylish teams. Cab service
Martz & Son, 224 N 8th St (also freight hauling)
Neumoyer & Co., Livery and General Freight Delivery, Law St., between Hamilton and Walnut

Lumber and Coal Merchants:
Keck & Bro., South Allentown, PA
Trexler, Harry C., 943 Hamilton St.

Moving (Furniture, Pianos, etc.):
20th Century Storage House, 223-25-27-29 N Lumber St., Office, 224 N 8th St., Phaon Diehl

Mfg. of Rubber Stamps, Stencils, Brass Checks, Seals, etc.:
Allen Stamp and Stencil Co., 104-106 N 7th St.

Mfr. of Parlor Suite Frames (Wholesale):
Buehler, G. & Co., 11-15 Front St.,, also Poplar and Maple Sts.

Mfrs. of Platform Spring Wagons:
The Allentown Platform Co., corner of Fifth and Lawrence Sts.

Mfg. of Hosiery, Bleachers, Dyers and Finishers of Underwear:
Henry Gabriel's Sons, foot of Water St.

Music Houses:
Kramer's Music House, 544 Hamilton St., K. Kramer
Aschbach, G.C., 529 Hamilton St.

Call Publishing Co., 16 S 6th St., Editor, C.W. Weiser; Mgr. D.A. Miller
Democrat Office, Hamilton St; Editor, C.F. Haines
The Daily City Item, 607 Hamilton St, Cyrus Kuntz, Publisher and Proprietor

Parks (Pleasure Resorts):
Dorney's Park. Take Kutztown trolley, Centre Square
Central Park. Take trolley, Lehigh Valley Tract. Co.

Good's Pharmacy, 803 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA

Jeanes, E.D., 725 Hamilton St.
Tainton Bros., 131 South 4th St. College Studio

Printers and Stationers:
Jack David H., Center Square, Job Printers
E.F. Ochs & Bro., 22 N 6th and 616 Court Sts.

Real Estate:
F.A.R. Baldwin, Commonwealth Bldg., Hamilton St.
Kleckner, Henry T., 215 Hamilton St., Rep. the Agricultural Ins. Co. of Watertown, NJ
Learney, D.A., Commonwealth Bldg. (also Fire Ins), South Allentown Land Improvement Co., Lentz Bldg. rooms 7 & 8, Geo. H. Hardner, R.E. Agent, Pres. L.H. Yeager; Vice-Pres. Col. Harry C. Trexler; Treas. T.F. Keck; Sec. Frank M. Trexler
Weidner & Nagle, 11 & 13 N 7th St., also Insurance and Notaries Public

Silk Mills:
Adelaide Silk Mills, Allentown, PA
Rionor Silk Mills, South Allentown, PA, Chas. A. Zinderstein, Proprietor
Lehigh Valley Silk Mills, S Bethlehem, E.J. Lipps, Treas.
Coplay Silk Mills, Coplay, PA, E.J. Lipps, Pres.
Palace Silk Mills, South Allentown, PA

Shoe Mfg. Cos.:
Wolfe Shoe Mfg. Co., Hall and Court Sts., mfg. of women's and little gents' shoes, "Little Soldier" line for boys.

Lyric Theatre, Sixth and Court Sts.
Opera House, 6th St.
Wyandotte Opera House, South Bethlehem

Wholesale and Retail Clothiers:
Koch Bros., Hotel Allen Building, Allentown, PA


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