Historic Map - Cleveland, NY - 1890

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Cleveland, N.Y.

Reproduction panoramic map of Cleveland, New York, published by Lucien R. Burleigh in 1890. Cleveland is a village on the north shore of Oneida Lake, named after early settler James Cleveland who owned a hotel and store there. The village of Cleveland was incorporated in 1857 and prospered greatly as a glassmaking town. The first glassmaker in the village was Anthony Landgraff, who brought his craft from Germany and found the village perfect for glassmaking due to its abundant hemlock forests needed for heating the glass furnaces. There was also fine grade silica present that was used in the glass formula. Speaking to the Oswego County Historical Society in 1941, Miss Frances Eggleson recalled the early glass industry:

"The manner of selling the glass was in keeping with the character and primitive ways of small, independent manufacturers. In the middle of the century, Oneida Lake was connected by the Erie Canal by a side cut, and it was customary during navigation to load a canal boat with glass and peddle it out in the towns and villages along the canal from Troy and Albany to Lockport and Buffalo, often in the way of barter for store goods and other supplies".

This map from 1890 includes buildings, clearly labeled street names and railroad lines.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. M. E. Church
  2. Roman Catholic Church
  3. Presbyterian Chapel
  4. Episcopal Church
  5. Public School
  6. N. Y., O. & W. R. R. Station
  7. Union Glass Works
  8. Cleveland Glass Works
  9. C. Getman's General Store
10. C. E. Carroll's Grist Mill
11. Hotel Getman, A. L. Jackson, Proprietor
12. Steamer Getman
13. Garret Smith, General Merchandise
14. Lake Side Press, Chas. R. King, Editor and Proprietor
15. John Deans, Furniture and Undertaking
17. Meat Market, H. W. Travis
18. Globe Hotel, James H. Beebe, Proprietor
16. L. L. Jennings, General Blacksmithing
19. Potter & Marsden, Bankers
20. James Gallagher, Attorney and Insurance
21. Knights Hotel. A. Knights, Proprietor
22. M. B. Dwyer, Druggist
23. App & Son, Furniture and Picture Framing
24. C. H. Whitney, Photographer
25. O. C. Howser, General Blacksmithing
26. R. R. House, P. Mulholland, Proprietor
27. Arlington Hotel, James Flarity, Proprietor