Historic Map - Delphi, IN - 1868

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Bird's eye view of the city of Delphi, Carroll Co., Indiana 1868. Drawn by A. Ruger.

Reproduction of the map titled, "Bird's Eye View of the City of Delphi, Indiana, 1869, Carroll County, Indiana", drawn by A. Ruger and published by Merchant's Lithograph Co. in 1868. Founded by a notable "Child of the American Revolution", Samuel Milroy, who's father served as a Patriot in the war for Independence. Samuel Milroy moved from Pennsylvania to this region of Indiana in 1826 and built a cabin there. A lawmaker and politician, he petitioned the legislature to form Carroll County in 1827 and laid out the town plan for Delphi in 1828. A personal friend of Andrew Jackson, Samuel Milroy was also an Indian agent and a Brigadier-General serving on the Board of Visitors of West Point. The town's history is closely tied to the development of the Erie and Wabash Canals.

The left and right lower margins include inset illustrations of the Court House and the Public School. The map includes clearly labeled street names with scenes of railroad, carriage and pedestrian traffic.

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. Court House
  2. Public School
  3. T. W. & W. Railway Depot
  4. Free Masons Cemetary
  5. Odd Fellows Cemetary
  6. Pittsburgh
  7. Episcopal Church
  8. Methodist Church
  9. O. S. Presbyterian Church
  10. N. S. Presbyterian Church
  11. Baptist Church
  12. Catholic Church

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