Historic Map - Eureka, CA - 1902

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Eureka, Humboldt County, California. Copyright by A.C. Noe & G.R. Georgeson. Photo-lith. Britton & Rey. Photos by Miller.

The city of Eureka, California was founded in May of 1850, on the shores of Humboldt Bay. The settlement grew quickly due to the California Gold Rush, as well as the booming lumber industry. It later became the county seat of Humboldt County. This beautiful map provides a look back to the early days of the city. Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

  1. Buhne's Big Store, 422 1st St.
  2. S.F. Hollander, 405 2nd St.
  3. C.H. Wright, Jeweler, 209 F St.
  4. Office of Dr. G.R. Georgeson.
  5. County Court House.
  6. udge G.W. Hunter, 12th & F Sts.
  7. Bay Stable, J.F. Quill, Prop. 317 Third St.
  8. Residence of C.W. Hall, Clark & A Sts.
  9. Crocker Bros Emporium, Cor 3rd & F Sts.
  10. R.W. Skinner & Co., 3rd and F Sts.
  11. Warren, Armstrong & Co., 213 F St.
  12. Jackson's Shirt Factory, C.V. Jackson Cor. 2nd & E Sts.
  13. Congregational Church, Cor 8th & G Sts.
  14. The Bank of Eureka, Third & E Sts.
  15. Wm. Carson 2nd & M Sts.
  16. The White House, C.C. Dickson & Son, 323-325 F St.
  17. Kramer Bros., Props. First & E Sts.
  18. The H.D. Bendixen Shipbuilding Co.
  19. Redwood Land & Investment Co., 527-531 3rd St.
  20. G.R. Georgeson Residence, Cor. 6th & J Sts.
  21. Humboldt Bay Woolen Mills, J.W. Henderson, President. N.M. McMillan, Secretary.
  22. A. Cottrell, Cor. 5th & H Sts.
  23. H.R. Bruhns, 426 2nd St.
  24. County Hospital.
  25. G.A. Waldner, Prop. Cor. 1st & D Sts.
  26. 2nd St Entrance, W.A. McNamara, Cor. 2nd & F Sts.
  27. Eureka Foundry Co., N.H. Pine, President. Chas. H. Elsner, Secretary.