Historic Map - Florida State Map - East Coast Railway & Steamship - 1898

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The East Coast of Florida is Paradise Regained / Florida East Coast Railway / Florida East Coast Steamship Co. / Key West - Miami Line / Miami - Nassau Line.

The East Coast Railway was developed by businessman Henry Morrison Flagler, who had been a partner of John D. Rockefeller in Standard Oil. He began by merging several different railways, beginning with the purchase of the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Halifax River Railway. Next, he acquired the the St. John's Railway, the St. Augustine and Palatka Railway, and the St. Johns and Halifax River Railway, and by 1889 he had created a fully functional railway system from Jacksonville to Daytona. Starting in 1892, he ceased buying existing railways and started having new lines built - by 1894 his lines reached as far south as West Palm Beach - and new towns started to develop along the railway. On September 7th, 1895 the name of the railway was changed from the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Halifax River Railway to the Florida East Coast Railway Company. 7 months later the track reached Biscayne Bay (present day downtown Miami), and by 1905 his line stretched all the way through the Florida Keys.