Historic Map - Helena, MT - 1890

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Perspective map of the city of Helena, Mont. Capital of State, county seat of Lewis & Clarke Co.

Superior reproduction of this richly detailed panoramic map of Helena, Montana in 1890 (Library of Congress stamp, dated September 11, 1890). Included on this map is an inset depicting the famous Broadwater Hotel and Natatorium, built in 1888-89 by Montana tycoon Charles A. Broadwater. Considering the popularity of Victorian era health spas, Charles Broadwater sought to take advantage of the existing hot springs and created an opulently furnished, world-class hotel and spa. The Moorish architecture and manicured grounds resulted in one of the most beautiful retreats imaginable. The Natatorium boasted the world's largest indoor pool, fed by over one million gallons of hot mountain spring water per day. Electric trolleys ran to and from downtown Helena, bringing patrons back and forth. The untimely death of Charles Broadwater in 1892 led to a steady decline of the hotel, which closed permanently in 1942. This beautiful map provides a look at the beginnings of the city.

Complete reference list below.

Features references to the following locations:

Ketchum DeNoielle & Co. Manufacturers of house finishings & fine cabinet work.
Nick Kesslers Brewery, Helena, Montana.
Residence of W.E. Cox.
N. P. Repair Shops, Round House and surroundings.
Wallace-Thornburgh Lumber Co..
Helena Daily Journal
Hotel Helena.
Merchants National Bank.
Journal Publishing Company. Wholesale & Retail Stationers.
W.B. Richards Real Estate, Helena National Bank.
Bailey Block. Jackson's Music House.
Montana National Bank.
Granite Block & Annex.
First National Bank.
Broadwater Hotel and Natatorium.

Public Buildings:

County Court House.
City Hall.
Post Office.
County Jail.
Helena Consolidated Water Co.
Helena Gas Light & Coke Co., Office 357 Main St..
U. S. Assay Office.
Public Library.
St. Peter's Hospital.
Sisters' Hospital.


The "Helena".
Broadwater's Hotel and Natatorium.
Grand Central.


Montana Central Passenger Depot.
Montana Central Freight Depot.
N.P.R.R., Passenger Depot. The Short Line
between Montana points and both the East and Pacific coast. A.D. Edgar, General Agent, Helena.
N.P.R.R., Freight Depot.
N.P.R.R. Shops.

Street Railways:

Unson Street Railway. Office, First Nat'l Bank Building.
Electric Street Railway.
Helena Street Railway Co., Office 357 Main St..
Helena Hot Spring and Smelter Railway.


High School.
Central School Building.
1st. Ward School.
5th Ward School.
6th Ward School.
7th Ward School.
New East Side School.
Helena Business College, H.T. Engelhorn, Prop..
Montana Business College.
St. Vincent's Academy.


The Helena Journal. The Journal Pub. Co., Props. Russell B. Harrison, Pres. Geo E. Boos Bus. Manager.
The Helena Independent. Independent Pub. Co., Props..
The Helena Dailey Herald. Fisk Bros., Props..


1st M. E. Church.
1st Baptist.
1st Congregational.
St. Peter's Episcopal.
M. E. Church, South.
Scandinavian Church.
German Lutheran.
African M. E. Church.
German M. E..
Church of the Sacred Heart (Catholic).
German Catholic.
Greenwood Cemetery.

Also included on the map are insets illustrating the eastside additions of Lenox and Corbin, as well as the Boulevard Addition No. 2.