Historic Map - Jacksonville, FL - 1893

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Jacksonville, Florida. Drawn, published and copyrighted by Augustus Koch.

The city of Jacksonville was established as a Spanish territory in 1791, after the British gave control of the area to Spain following the American Revolution. Originally founded as Cowford, the city stayed within Spanish control for 30 years, until conflicts between Spain and the United States resulted in the Adams Onis Treaty, giving the land to the US. In 1822 the city's name was changed to Jacksonville, after Andrew Jackson, who served as the military governor of the territory following its occupation. The city grew quickly, and became the largest city in the state.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

    1. Duval County Court House.
    2. Duval County Jail.
    3. Sub-Tropical Exposition Building.
    4. Duval County Hospital & Asylum.
    5. St. Luke's Hospital.
    6. U.S. Custom House (In course of construction.)
    7. Park Opera House.
    8. Duval High School.
    9. Bradford Institute.
  10. Cookman Institute.
  11. Baptist Tabernacle.
  12. Union Congregational Church.
  13. Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  14. Episcopal (St. John's) Church.
  15. St. John's Parish House.
  16. St. Andrew's Church.
  17. St. Stephen's Church.
  18. All Saints Church - South Jacksonville.
  19. Ahavath Chesed Jewish Synagogue.
  20. McTyeire M.E. Church.
  21. Trinity M.E. Church
  22. Riverside M.E. Church.
  23. St. Mathews M.E. Church.
  24. Newnan Street Presbyterian Church.
  25. First Presbyterian Church.
  26. East Jacksonville Presbyterian Church.
  27. Roman Catholic Church.
  28. Baptist Bethel Church.
  29. St. Phillip's Protestant Episcopal Church.
  30. Harmony's Baptist Church.
  31. Main Street Baptist Church.
  32. Ebenezer A.M.E. Church.
  33. Mount Zion A.M.E. Church.
  34. St. Paul's A.M.E. Church.
  35. Laura Street Presbyterian Church.
  36. St. Joseph's Convent.
  37. Citizens' Gas & Electric Co's., Works.
  38. Astor Block & General Office of the J.T. & K.W.R.R.
  39. The J.R. Tyson Co., Wholesale Grocers.
  40. The C.B. Rogers Co., Wholesale Grocers and General Offices of the F.C. & P.R.R.
  41. Board of Trade, The Elks & City Library (proposed)
  42. The Land Mortgage Bank of Florida, limited. Florida Savings Bank & Real Estate Exchange.
  43. National Bank of Florida.
  44. National Bank of the State of Florida.
  45. Merchants National Bank.
  46. The S.B. Hubbard Co., Hardware & etc.
  47. Seminole Club House.
  48. Armour Packing Co.
  49. Robert W. Simms, Wholesale Liquor House & Beer Agency.
  50. John Clark, Son & Co., Wholesale Grocers.
  51. South Jacksonville, Ferry Landing.
  52. Geo. E. Chase & Co., Ship Chandlers.
  53. The Merrill-Stevens Engineering Co's., Works.
  54. T. Murphy, Jacksonville Machine and Iron Works.
  55. John O'Neil's Saw and Planing Mill.
  56. Tropical Fibre Co's., Works
  57. El Mondelo Cigar Factory.
  58. Jacksonville Refrigerator Ice Works.
  59. E. Bean's Shipping, Forwarding and Eureka Inspection Warehouse.
  60. Benton & Upson's Machinery Warehouses.
  61. P.E. McMurray & Baker, Carriage & Wagon Factory.
  62. St. James Hotel.
  63. The "EVERETT" Hotel.
  64. Grand View Hotel.
  65. Masonic Building.
  66. The Travelers Hotel.
  67. City Market.
  68. City Hall.
  69. City Jail.
  70. The Hilditch Steam Laundry.
  71. New York Steam Laundry.
  72. Law Building.
  73. Law Exchange Building.
  74. Ely Block.
  75. St. John's Hotel.
  76. Masonic Hall.
  77. Daily Times Union and Evening Telegram.
  78. Jacksonville Water Works.
  79. Passenger Depot, F.C. & P.R.R.
  80. Union Passenger Depot.
  81. Freight Depot, F.C. & P.R.R.
  82. J.E. Johnson's Mill.
  83. Odd Fellow's Hall.
  84. Mohawk Block and Post Office.
  85. Mason & Co's., Wholesale Liquor House.
  86. Cohen Brothers' Popular Dry Goods House.
  87. W.N. Emery, Shoe Store.
  88. Clark & Loftues, Great Southern Furniture Store.
  89. W.P. Sumner, Butter and Cheese House.
  90. W.A. Dell Drug House.
  91. Manier, Lane & Co's., Music House.
  92. Raymond D. Knight & Co's., Crockery House.
  93. F. Bettelini's Hotel and Restaurant.
  94. Ledwith Building and Dutton Co's., Liquor House.
  95. Smith Block and Home Investment, Building & Loan Association.
  96. Fairhead, Strawn & Co's., Lumber & Fowarding House.
  97. Huau "El Esmera" Cigar Factory.
  98. Metropolis Building.
101. J.H. Bugbee's Saw Mill.
102. Basnett Building.
103. Reed Block.
104. Burritt Place.
105. Atlantic Block.
106. Holmes Block.
107. Herkimer Block and W.R. Peterson & Son's Paint and Oil Store.
108. Hotel Placide.
   A. Mayport.
   B. Atlantic Ocean.
   C. Fort George.
   D. Pilot Town.
   E. New Berlin.
   F. Fernandina.
   G. Hart's Junction.

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