Historic Map - Knoxville, TN - 1871

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View of Knoxville, Knox County, T.N., 1871 / drawn & published by A. Ruger.

This panoramic print of Knoxville, Tennessee was drawn by Albert Ruger and published by Merchant’s Lith. Co. in 1871. Knoxville was established in the late 1700's along the banks of the Tennessee River. Knoxville was named Knox County’s seat of government when it was formed in 1792.

The early community prospered with agricultural interests such as tobacco and cotton. During the Civil War, Knoxville citizens were divided. The town was the site of much battle and sabotage, as both sides occupied Knoxville during the confrontation. Confederate troops had fortified the town and fort, but most fled before Union forces arrived, allowing the Union army under the command of General Ambrose Burnside to march into Knoxville easily.

Until the end of the war, Union forces occupied Knoxville, making it a transportation center for military supplies. The asylum was used as a hospital. Following the war the asylum was re-opened and the town began rebuilding. A new city hall was built at the town’s Market Square. Government funding helped rebuilt and expand the university and business and industry was welcomed to Knoxville.

The image, looking north west, includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad routes. Steamboat and railroad activity is portrayed in the foreground. It features inset illustrations of East Tennessee University and Asylum for the Deaf & Dumb.

Features references to the following locations:

  • Court House.
  • County Jail.
  • East Tenn. University.
  • Asylum for the Deaf & Dumb.
  • Market House.
  • City Hall.
  • Knoxville & Kentucky R. R. Depot.
  • East Tenn., Georgia & Virginia R. R. Depot.
  • Gray Cemetery.
  • National Cemetery.
  • Baptist Church.
  • Episcopal Church.
  • Lutheran Church.
  • Methodist Church.
  • 1st Presbyterian Church.
  • 2nd Presbyterian Church.
  • Catholic Church.
  • Female Institute.

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