Historic Map - Minneapolis, MN - 1874

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View of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, M.N., 1874 / drawn & published by Geo. H. Ellsbury & V. Green.

This panoramic print of Minneapolis, Minnesota was drawn and published by Geo. H. Ellsbury and V. Green in 1874. Late in the 1860's, the expansion of industry surrounding St. Anthony Falls nearly eroded the falls away. A major government funded project to reinforce the falls took years to restore the Mississippi water power source.

Minneapolis boomed at that point as textile mills and industries of all kinds began operations. The improving railroad service adapted to the industrial needs of the community as well as the continued westward flood of travelers.

The constant work on the river was quite a curiosity in 1874.

The illustration, shown from St. Anthony, includes streets, buildings, bridges and railroad route.

Features references to the following locations:

Tremont House, East Side.
Hubbard’s Harvester Works.
Lower Bridge.
E. S. Fence Factory.
Lower Feed Mill, East Side.
Jackson School.
M. E. Church.
Lougy Grist Mill, E. S.
City Gas Works.
Franklin Ave. Church.
Norwegian Bap. Church.
Congregational Church.
Baptist Church.
Washburn Flour Mill.
M. & St. P. Elevator.
Linseed Oil Works.
Todd & Haven, Saw Mill, E. S.
Butler & Lane, Saw Mill, E. S.
Todd Shingle Mills.
McMullin’s Shingle Mills.
Averall & Russell’s Paper Mill.
Shingle Machine Factory.
Eave Trough Factory.
W. D. Washburn Flour Mill.
Rollin’s Flour Mills.
Pillsbury & Fisk Flouring Mills.
Cotton Mills.
Sash and Door Factory.
Bag Factory.
St. Anthony Falls.
Farnum and Lovejoy’s Saw Mill.
Court House and Jail.
Park Ave. Church.
Presbyterian Church.
First Universalist Church.
Centenary M. E. Church.
Universalist Church.
Baptist Church.
Washington School.
Cataract House.
Gibson and Tylor Blanket Mills.
Minneapolis Iron Works.
R. R. Machine Shop.
Water Works.
Saw Mill.
Bushnell & Howes’ Machine Shop.
M. & St. P. R. R. Depot.
Minneapolis & Duluth R. R. Depot.
McCallester College, E. Side.
First National Hotel.
Warner’s Block.
Congregational Church.
St. Mark’s Episcopal.
Plymouth Church.
Westminster Church.
Brackett’s Block.
Nicollet House.
Academy of Music.
City Hall.
United States Hotel.
Pence Opera House.
Grimshaw’s Carriage Works.
Roman Catholic Church.
Pacific Block.
Nicollet Feed Mill.
Monitor Plow Works.
Foster’s Carriage Works.
Pacific Mills.
Suspension Bridge.
Savory’s Island House.
Lincoln School.
N. Pacific R. R. Elevator.
N. Star Iron Works.
Bedford, Boyce & Baker’s Saw Mill.
Eldridge’s Shingle Mill.
German M. E. Church.
Advent Church.
E. Side Universalist Church.
R. R. Bridge.
Upper Bridge.
Nicollet Island.